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Wikipedians take photographs at Versailles

More and more galleries, archives, libraries and museums use the internet to disseminate knowledge about their collections to students, genealogists and others who wouldn't otherwise go to the physical institution. In many cases, this leads to an increased dialogue with the visitors.

For some years, volunteers from Wikipedia and representatives from galleries, archives, libraries and museums have collaborated with the goal that the public should be able to find the cultural heritage on the internet. Results have been good: new visitors, contacts with individuals featured in old photographs and a deeper conversation with experts from the public. This handbook collects some of our lessons learned. The goal is to inspire cultural heritage institutions to do the things that copyright laws permit them to do, but haven't done yet.

What is the target group of "Cultural treasures on the internet"?

This handbook have many different types of readers:

  • those who have never heard of Wikipedia and free licenses
  • those who work at galleries, archives, libraries and museums, both near the collections and in administrative positions
  • politicians and lawmakers
  • Wikipedians and other proponents of free licences
  • legal experts
  • journalists and scientists

In other words, the levels of prior knowledge vary greatly. If you find terminology that you aren't familiar with, check out the glossary.