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Pop-up dialog (api, webpage)

On the map there is a pop-up dialog window if you click an artwork. Depending on the available data, there might be a bullet point list. However, the bullet point list in the pop-up dialog is not properly left aligned. Alternatively, complete redesigns or different layouts depending on the availability of the data and/or images could be explored.

Resources: Pop-up is generated in map.js makePopup() (using this css and leaflet.js). The data suplied to the map comes from FormatGeojson.php in the API.

OpenStreetMap (api and OSM/Overpass)

  • Find the same object in OSM and our database and suggest to link these (e.g. artwork in OSM within X meters of artwork in
  • Find objects of the right type in OSM and suggest these for the lists on Wikipedia/database.
Resources: API is described over here. Overpass is a way of searching OSM for objects. See e.g. this query for artwork in the Stockholm area. An example based introduction can be found at [1]. Some initial discussions/thoughts about this can also be found in this e-mail thread (in Swedish)

Finding possibly notable artists (api)

Using the API, find the artists that have made the most artworks and still does not have an article on Wikipedia. Create a top list of these.

Resources: API is described over here.

Mobile friendly search page (webpage)

The search page does not support mobile view well. This is due to old dependencies in the imported CSS. Look into if a clean up is possible or if it would be better to start a new one layout from scratch that support mobiles better.

Resources: Search is made up by the search.* files in the site and css directories. And currently uses leaflet.js and jQuery.