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Purpose of this agreement: This is an agreement between the Wikimedia Foundation and a Wikimedia Chapter organization about online fundraising. The core obligation to the Wikimedia Foundation resulting from this agreement is that it will provide prominent visibility of the Chapter's fundraising efforts on its websites during its annual fundraiser. The core obligation to the Chapter resulting from this agreement is that it will invest half of the money raised through its website during the period of the online fundraiser in international mission activities decided upon together with the Wikimedia Foundation. Both the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia Chapter agree to several additional obligations and requirements.

1. Definitions:

1.1 "The Chapter" refers to the chapter covered in this agreement.
1.2 "WMF" refers to the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., based in San Francisco, California.
1.3 "WMF Fundraising Landing Page" refers to the highest trafficked webpage by the Wikimedia Foundation designated to solicit online donations.
1.4 "Chapter Fundraising Webpage" refers to the webpage by the Chapter designated to solicit online donations.

2. Applicability:

2.1 Initially, this agreement will only be applicable for the duration of the annual Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser launched in 2008, and for money raised through the Chapter's fundraising website during that period.

3. Base requirements:

3.1 The Chapter must be able to allow tax-deductible donations if applicable charitable status is obtainable in the Chapter's home country.
3.2 The Chapter must own and administer a bank account and be able to receive donations, deposit donations in its bank account, and make monetary transfers or other payments from the bank account.
3.3 The Chapter must follow established accounting and reporting practices regarding its revenue and spending.

4. Obligations of the Chapter:

4.1 The Chapter will, upon signing this agreement, begin discussions with the Wikimedia Foundation about how to invest 50% of the money raised through the online fundraiser to support the international Wikimedia movement.[1] Both the Chapter and the Wikimedia Foundation will strive to develop a consensus about the spending allocation no later than three months after the conclusion of the online fundraiser.
4.2 The Chapter will provide a report about the amount of money raised in the online fundraiser no later than four weeks after the end of the fundraising period, and will fully meet its spending obligation no later than 12 months after the launch of the online fundraiser. The Chapter can exclude from its report any received funds which it can demonstrably link to other fundraising activities. It can subtract up to 10% of fundraising overhead from the final gross amount. This declaration of overhead does not require additional documentation.
4.3 The Chapter will provide WMF with a hyperlink to its Chapter Fundraising Webpage.
4.4 On its Chapter Fundraising Webpage, the Chapter will provide information about its programs, about how donations are used, and about ways to donate.
4.5 The Chapter will assign a point of contact (Fundraising Coordinator) for all matters related to fundraising for the duration of the fundraiser.
4.6 The Chapter's designated Fundraising Coordinator will provide a weekly report to WMF's Head of Community Giving about the Chapter's fundraising activities during the course of the fundraiser. This report can be identical to the chapter's public reporting. It will include information about fundraising totals, and the chapter's fundraising activities.
4.7 The Chapter will record all donations in a spreadsheet or electronic database[2], including
4.7.1 donor unique identifier (ID)
4.7.2 donor name, when provided
4.7.3 donor address and/or email, when provided
4.7.4 donation amount
4.7.5 transaction time/date
4.8 The Chapter will adhere to the same donor privacy policy as the WMF, or to a variant approved in advance by the WMF, and will place a link to the policy (or translation or variant) on its Chapter Fundraising Webpage.
4.9 The Chapter will commit to acknowledging and thanking all donors[3] within three months of the close of the fundraiser (preferably earlier), including fulfillment of any legal obligations required in the Chapter's jurisdiction.
4.10 The Chapter will aim to adhere to fundraising best practices in any follow-up with or further solicitation of donors. If in doubt as to whether a practice is advisable, it will solicit advice from the WMF fundraising team.
4.11 The Chapter will comply with all fundraising regulations applicable in its jurisdiction.

5. Obligations of WMF:

5.1 WMF will develop, in cooperation with the Chapter, appropriate text and visual presentation, including a hyperlink to the Chapter Fundraising Webpage, for the WMF Fundraising Landing Page, in all languages that are widely spoken in the Chapter's home country.
5.2 WMF will assign a primary point of contact for the Chapter for all matters related to fundraising for the duration of the fundraiser.
5.3 WMF will provide a forum for questions from the Chapter with regard to the online fundraiser, and will provide answers to those questions.
5.4 WMF will provide the Chapter with basic information and plans with regard to the online fundraiser - e.g., timeline of what will happen when, list of contact people and their responsibilities, etc.
5.5 WMF will, to the limits of its capacity, provide the Chapter with fundraising expertise (feedback and advice), as requested. This may also include legal advice with regard to tax deductibility, donations acknowledgment, and other fundraising regulations and practices, assuming the request is made sufficiently in advance of the start of the fundraiser.


On behalf of _________________________________________ (The Chapter):

Name _______________________

Position _______________________

Date ______________________

On behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation:

Name _______________________

Position _______________________

Date ______________________


  1. In the simplest case, a Chapter would simply transfer the revenue to WMF, but it might also hire a local MediaWiki developer or support an international event.
  2. WMF's recommendation is for the CiviCRM open source donation database.
  3. For donors where no e-mail address is available, it is acceptable to define a threshold for written acknowledgment, as long as that threshold is lower than what is required by law.