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Agreement between WIkimedia Sverige and Mbazzi Farmers Association on equipment to a Wikipedia Center Project in Mbazzi

Parties to the Agreement

  • Wikimedia Sverige, Stockholm, Sweden, organisation number 802437-8310, hereinafter called Wikimedia Sverige.
  • Mbazzi Farmers Association, Mbazzi, Uganda, hereinafter called Mbazzi Farmers Association.


Mbazzi Farmers Association will set up a Wikipedia Centre in Mbazzi, hereinafter called the Project. The Project is described in detail in the application for grants to Wikimedia Foundation dated 0 Month, 2013.

Wikimedia Sweden wants to support the Project in order to enable the operation of the Wikipedia Centre for the entire first year after its inauguration.


Wikimedia Sverige will finance the following enabling equipment, as were also specified in the application to Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grant dated ....., hereinafter called the Equipment:

  • Solar energy, up to around 6400 USD
  • Furniture (5 tables, 5 chairs), up to around 600 USD
  • Metallic door , up to around 200 USD
  • Metallic window, up to around 100 USD
  • Ceiling , up to around 600 USD

The total amount shall not exceed 7950 USD.

Mbazzi Farmers Association shall have the right to adjust the amounts for the individual lots plus/ minus 10 %, within the total amount.

In case the total amount will be lower than 7950 USD, Mbazzi Farmers Association shall inform Wikimedia Sverige on the difference, and the two parties shall agree on the use of such a difference for other use within the Project.

Obligations of WIkimedia Sverige

Wikimedia Sverige will upon signature of this Agreement transfer 7950 USD to Mbazzi Farmers Association 's bank account No xxxxxxxx with CENTENARY BANK, MAPEERA HOUSE, PLOT 44-46 KAMPALA ROAD, P.O.BOX 1892, KAMPALA, UGANDA,EAST AFRICA.

Obligations of Mbazzi Farmers Association

Mbazzi Farmers Association shall purchase, install and arrange for the use of the Equipment within the Project, and shall monitor the proper use and maintenance of it.


Mbazzi Farmers Association shall send a copy to Wikimedia Sverige of each report to the WMF on the Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement grant facility.

When the Equipment has been installed, Mbazzi Farmers Association shall send a report to Wikimedia Sverige, including a financial statement on how the funds have been utilized and including photo(s) of the installed Equipment.

Terms of use of the Equipment

The Equipment is primarally meant to be utilized within the Project. However, it could parallelly be used for any other purpose, as long as such a use does not inflict on the proper functioning of the Project.

If the Project would not come into existence, or would be terminated before January 1, 2017, Mbazzi Farmers Association shall inform WMSE without delay and the parties shall agree on how the Equipment might best be utilized in the future.

After the expiry of the Agreement, the Mbazzi Farmers Association is free to make use of the Equipment is such a way as best suits the Association without consulting with Wikimedia Sverige


  • Wikimedia Sverige is represented by Mr. Jan Ainali
  • Mbazzi Farmers Association is represented by Mr. Paul Kiguba

Entry into force and termination

This Agreement will enter into force at the date of signature of both parties and terminates January 1, 2017.

Stockholm ......, 2014. Mbazzi .........2014