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This was the original draft proposal from which the current WFD-data to Wikidata project evolved.

Proposal: Making reported water data in Europe publicly available through Wikidata and exposed through Wikipedia


EU:s Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires reporting of water data in XML data standard from all member states at the end of each 6-year water cycle. The data is stored in Reportnet at EEA and will be exposed to the public through WFS-services and RDF.

In 2012 a database called (“the sum of all human knowledge”) was created to support the Wiki family. It replaces Googles attempt to make the same (called Freebase). By storing all data in one database and show data from one place will simplify updating, homogenization and translating to all languages in all Wiki articles.

The structure of the database is still quite immature and requires definitions of statements to be able to use. This is easily done by anyone having a Wikimedia account and is sanctioned by the Wiki community (all other members). If commonly agreed standards are used it is easier to get an acceptance for all data handling in the Wiki family.


A lot of public spending is used to classify the water bodies of Europe. This knowledge could be exposed in Wikipedia articles throughout Europe for all waters (lakes, rivers, groundwater, coastal and transitional waters). Wiki articles are ranked high in all internet search engines and there is a huge possibility of highlighting WFD data to the general public, stakeholders, NGO:s, politicians, students and more.


A small sized project could with little efforts be able to make a prototype for this on a one year basis. The steps to be taken are:

  1. Define statements in Wikidata based on WFD Reporting Guidance and EEA data dictionary to support the schemas for Surface Water and Ground Water.
  2. Import WFD data for at least one country into Wikidata
  3. Make templates for "fact boxes" in Wikipedia articles and create articles based on this for at least one country.


A short PM about the results of the project including what statements have been defined in Wikidata, imported datasets in Wikidata and templates for "fact boxes" in Wikipedia. The PM should contain lessons learned from the process and propose ways forward. Deadline for PM is 2016-12-22.

Project organization

Project lead: Niklas Holmgren, South Baltic Water Authority, Sweden
Steering group (2-4 web meetings): Jorge, EEA?, SWAM?, NVE?
Working group: André Costa (Wikimedia Sweden), Måns Denward (WFD reporting export Sweden), Lars Stalsberg (NVE Norway), more???
Standardization reference: Fernanda Nery (EEA), XXX EEA,
Data infrastructure: Jan Bliki, Fernanda Nery,
Wikipedia articles: André Costa (Wikimedia Sweden) (Wikipedian), Sylvia Kinberg??? (graphic designer)


Project leader: 25 days (15 000 euro) + Travel expenses 3 meetings in Copenhagen/Brussels 2 000 Euro.
Project work: 5 days Måns Denward + Travel expenses 3 meetings in Copenhagen/Brussels 2 000 Euro.
Wikimedia support: 40 days (12 000 Euro) + Possibly more for collaboration? + Travel expenses 3 meetings in Copenhagen/Brussels 2 000 Euro.
On own expenses, 1-5 days work per individual: EEA, SWAM, COM


Wages: 35 000 Euro???
Travelling: 6 000 Euro
Funds will be applied for from national funds in Sweden.



Agree on what statements to be used based on the reporting guidance, RDF and WFS.
Open up discussion with Wikimedia foundation and implement statements in Wikidata.


Import test data in Wikidata and make test Wikimedia articles


Import national data for Sweden and Norway into Wikidata and create real articles


Refine Wiki articles and propose how to make the same exercise on European scale.