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by transfering money to swedish bankaccount 5822-9915.
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How much do you think Wikipedia is worth?

Wikipedia has become an increasingly indispensable source of information fo many people. What once started as a small project by a handfull of enthusiasts are now, seven years later, one of the ten most visited websites on the Internet. More than 200 million readers visit Wikipedia at least once a month. Every day Wikipedia grows a little and attracts new readers. To meet these increasing demands we need your financial support. Wikipedias infrastructure is run by a non-profit charitable organisation, Wikimedia Foundation who depends on donations of money and oter forms of support to survive. Wikipedia has for example now advertising but lots of expenses in form of servers, bandwith, and technical staff. In Sweden there is the non-profit organisation Wikimedia Sverige whose purpose is to support the Wikimedia projects with different prrojects and activities locally.

Help us raise the quality on Wikipedia

Donera pengar till fri kunskap
Support our initiatives to raise the quality on Wikipedia. By arrangeing a series of events to meet scientists, (see Wikipedia Academy, librarians, teachers and journalists we hope to start a dialogue to enhance the content in Wikipedia. Together we develop solutions to check the quality on the content of the articles. It wll take some time, and also money. What we are up to.
The chair is lecturing about Wikipedia

Help more to learn how Wikipedia works

The best way to enhance the quality on Wikipedia is to increase the number of users. To do that Wikimedia Sverige is arranging classes, workshops and making educational material. To give more people the oppurtunity; high school teachers, retired people, immigrants - we don't need just money. We need people who can help us informing about Wikpedia. Show your interest.

Wikimedia Foundation also runs seven sisterprojects to Wikipedia: Wikinews, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikimedia Commons, Wikiversity, Wikispecies and Meta-Wiki. They are also a part of Wikimedia Sverige's area. We will be more than happy to show you how these projects works. Se fr example Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Help us to support the writers of Wikipedia

To raise the quality we support the writers of Wikipedia, mainly by prizes to article creation contests. A prize for a well written article can do miracles by increasing the commitment amongst our many good article creators.

How can I help?

There are many ways. Not all of them is donating money.

The easyiest way to help us is to become a member The fee is only 100 SEK (10 € or $15) per year. If you become a a member you will get our newsletter. Click here to become a member. You can also become a member by paying the fee to any of our board members or speakers.

Another way to help is to donate money to Wikimedia Sverige. You can do that by transfering money to bank account 5822-9915. If you pay from outside Sweden use IBAN: SE60 8000 0845 2590 4498 8963, BIC: SWEDSESS, Bankname Swedbank 105 34 Stockholm. Otherwise you can use

Wikimedia Sverige do have a webshop:

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Link to the webshop

By buying our clothes you will remind the world that Wikipedia and her sisterprocets exists.

You can also engage in any of our projets. It is mostly about informing people about Wikipedia. We have material to get you started. It can also be by proofreading our leaflets, designing posters, post flyers or work with articles in a specific field supporting our book publishing. Read more here.

Wikimedia Foundation's planned expenditure

Obviously you can donate money directly to Wikimedia Foundation. Vhat Wikimedia Foundation does with the money is shown in the chart to the right:

Thanks for your support!
Mattias Blomgren, chair of Wikimedia Sverige

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