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Title suggestion: I Know Where That Is!

Geotagging for Wikipedia
Discover your local art


Many of the objects that take part in Wiki Loves Public Art does not have exact coordinates specifying where they can be found. They do however often have an indication of the rough area in which they can be found. This can either be a street, a city district, a city or a municipality. What is needed is an easy way for people to add coordinates to these objects.


This is initially thought of as an application aimed at Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) or the Swedish Database of public Art ( If successful however it could be expanded for use with other geographical features in Wikipedia.

The basis is a map where artworks with known coordinates have been plotted, along with the current position of the user. On the side you would se a list of artworks known to be in the local area[1] which are missing coordinates.

The idea is that you walk up to a artwork, find the artwork in the list of “undiscovered” artworks and upload your current coordinates to that artwork. Alternatively you walk up to a known artwork, find that the current coordinates are wrong and upload new coordinates for it.

Illustration of app workflow

Extra features:

  • Adding a new artwork based on your current coordinates and an entered description.
  • Adding images to a chosen artwork.
  • Adding a coordinate by browsing the map[2].
  • Adding an indication of the size of the object/exactness of the coordinates. Useful e.g. for art installations spanning a larger area.


It must be possible to export the added information back to Wikipedia/Public Art Database. The source code must be open.


Api documentation can be found at:

WLPA api api


  1. To identify which of the artworks without coordinates are in the local area searches against addresses/streets/cities/municipalities can be done.
  2. The added coordinate information must be free from copyright (CC0) or database restrictions. This is primarily relevant if the coordinate was added from a map rather than from the GPS.