Ämne på Diskussion:Pressmeddelande 2011-10-05

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Ainali (diskussionbidrag)

Från WMF-bloggen:

The Wikimedia Foundation stands with our volunteers in Italy who are challenging the recently drafted “DDL intercettazioni” (or Wiretapping Bill) bill in Italy. This bill would hinder the work of projects like Wikipedia: open, volunteer-driven, and collaborative spaces dedicated to sharing high-quality knowledge, not to mention the ability for all users of the internet to engage in democratic, free speech opportunities.

Ainali (diskussionbidrag)

KAT Walsh WMF Styrelse: I am happy to see the Italian community behind the opposition to the proposed law because I do think it's contrary to what Wikimedia does, and to see that there is consensus among the Italian community to do something drastic; there will be a far greater effect on the Italian wiki than a short blockage if bad laws are passed.


Prolineserver (diskussionbidrag)

Mike Godwin, former genral council of WMF: ". I applaud the Italian Wikipedians' decision to challenge this law so directly." ... "my intuitive reaction, having dealt with government censorship of various sorts for more than 20 years, is that more dramatic action is most likely to be effective in persuading a government to change course." http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2011-October/069290.html