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Det här är en översatt version av sidan Årsmöte 2020/Att använda Zoom. Översättningen är till 100 % färdig och uppdaterad.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the digital meeting will take place digitally through the video conference service Zoom

A link to the meeting and the password needed to log in will be sent out at a later occasion, to make sure that only members join.

What is Zoom and why is it chosen?

Zoom [] is a commercial service for video conference calls. The service was chosen after trials and examinations of several similar services was made.

The main reason for choosing Zoom was its stability and its well integrated meeting functions. The first choice of the chapter would have been one based one open source, but that would have been to extensive a work given the limited time frame, and wouldn't guarantee the stability needed for an annual meeting, where many people take part and where important decisions are taken.

How do I participate?

See procedural rules.

  • You will get a link that you click on in order to connect to the meeting.
  • You can download the app Zoom to your computer, iPhone or android, either before or in connection to the occasion where you connect to the meeting.
  • Give your name and the code to the meeting (if you have used Zoom before your name might already be given, in that case, click on your name in the participants list and choose "rename" when you have joined the meeting).
  • When you connect to the meeting, your microphone and your camera will be muted and turned off. It would be nice if you could turn on the camera, so that we can see each other, but let the microphone be muted until you have asked for and been given the permission to speak.
  • Click on "participants" to see who participates in the meeting. That is also where you find buttons for voting yes or no, and to ask for the permission to speak ("raise hand"). If you click on any of those buttons, a symbol will appear showing your choice next to your name in the participants list.
  • Click on "chat" to open the chat window. Make sure that you write to "everyone" when you want to say something to everyone. You write proposals, requests and points of orders in the chat.
  • If you want to see all participants in the meeting, you click in the upright corner on the computer ("gallery view"), and swipe right on your cell phone.
  • We follow a procedural rule. Follow that for clear instructions for how the meeting is carried through.

If you have problems connecting to Zoom before the meeting, you can contact staff of WMSE. A dedicated tech support will be available during the day of the meeting.

How do I use Zoom?

Instruktioner för Zoom WMSE

Wikimedia Sverige has made two instruction films on how to use Zoom, one for how to use Zoom on a computer and one for how to use Zoom on the cell phone. The films are adapted to the way that we plan to do the meeting, and we hope that you by using them can feel safe and secure with the technology that will be used. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best with answering your questions.

Zoom has also made their own instruction film in English on how to connect. If you want more support than from our films you can use that: Connecting to Zoom

Instruktioner Zoom mobil WMSE

Zoom and integrity

There is an ongoing discussion about Zoom's perceived or real problem with security and integrity. That is of course something we follow closely within the global movement and in Wikimedia Sverige. Wikimedia Foundation, for example, uses it, whereas Wikimedia Deutschland has chosen not to use it at all.

What measures have Wikimedia Sverige taken to ensure the safety of all participants?

  • The meeting is protected with a password. The password is only shared with paying members.
  • There is a function that makes it possible to follow when participants leave the window. That function is not activated on the account of the chapter.
  • If someone wants to avoid zoom entirely we will stream the meeting via an unlisted YouTube-link, that all members will be able to take part of.


To ensure that the personal data of all participants are correctly managed, we will carry through the meeting on the Zoom account of the Royal Library. They are using their own servers, placed in Sweden, for their Zoom meetings. If we would have used the Zoom account of Wikimedia Sverige we wouldn't have been able to guarantee where the servers for our calls are placed.

We are very thankful that we can borrow the resources of the Royal Library to carry through the meeting!

What can I do as a member to ensure my own integrity?

  • Be aware that even private chat messages between you and other participants can be saved ad read afterwards by the host.
  • Zoom has been criticized for allowing its software to collect information about the user that the user don't want to share, criticism that the company has tried to answer to and take measures to solve. If you still want to avoid downloading and installing the Zoom software on your computer you can choose to connect to the meeting via a webbrowser, call with a regular phone or follow the meeting via YouTube. If you connect via webbrowser, you can take part in acclamation, but not in secret ballots. If you follow the meeting via YouTube, you can only take part of the meeting, not vote.

To call to the meeting by phone you follow this procedure:

  • To call to the test meeting: Call +46 850 539 728 from your regular phone.
  • Give the meeting-ID you have been sent and after that #.
  • When you are asked for a personal ID, press only #.
  • Then state the password you have been sent.
  • You will then be allowed into the meeting. An automatic voice will tell you when your microphone is on or off. The instructions are in English.