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Inskickat 2011-04-21


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has a lot of articles about Nordic subjects. However, many of them are lacking good images. This project aims to go for a photohunt, taking pictures for these articles in a low covered region. They are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, the media database behind Wikipedia, so that they can be used in Wikipedias articles as well as everywhere else since the images would be provided under a Creative Commons license. Geotagging and categorization allow an easy search in the database. To take full advantage of the transport, GPS data will be collected and uploaded to OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map.

The money would go to renting a van, which would secure that a fair number of photographers could join. Magnetic decals for the van (reusable for future photohunts), specially designed t-shirts and flyers will be produced to make maximum visibility for the project. Food and lodging will make the team more efficient.

Wikimedia Sverige has experience of arranging photohunts and will support the project by finding good photographers, send out press releases and obviously blog and use other social media to tell about this great project.

  • Rent a van, weekend 3000 SEK.
  • Fuel 1000 SEK.
  • Magnetic decals 1000 SEK.
  • T-shirts 1000 SEK.
  • Flyers 500 SEK.
  • Food and lodging 2500 SEK.

Total: 9000 SEK.

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