Guidelines for inclusive meetings

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This is the English version of Wikimedia Sverige’s policy Riktlinjer för inkluderande möten. If any difference exists the Swedish text has precedence.

Why we need inclusive meetings

In this policy, the word meeting covers the actual meeting and the meeting venues, including physical and online meetings, that are coordinated by Wikimedia Sverige. Wikimedia Sverige wants to offer an inclusive meeting environment free from harassment and instead characterized by respect for each other's different perspectives. The partial or total absence of larger and smaller groups in the editing community is a sign that even the necessary perspectives are absent, as it appears today. The work to include many different people and perspectives therefore gives us the opportunity to implement the vision we have set ourselves.

How do we include each other?

  • We value everyone's participation.
  • We do not tolerate any kind of attacks or harassment towards meeting participants.
  • Sexually explicit language or images do not belong at meetings, conferences or lectures.
  • We expect all participants to follow these guidelines at venues and meetings.

What is harassment?

With harassment we mean any unpleasant comments relating to gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, body size, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or the like.

Harassment also includes use of sexually explicit images in public contexts, scary behavior, persecution, disturbing photography, interruption of conversations and inappropriate approaches.

Dealing with harassment

If you feel harassed yourself or see someone else being harassed, or if you have other thoughts, do not hesitate to contact any of the organizers immediately. They are happy to help you contact security guards or police, provide an escort or otherwise help those who feel vulnerable feel safer for the rest of the meeting.

Participants who are asked to end a harassing behavior are expected to terminate the behavior immediately. If a participant is carrying out harassments, meeting organizers can take any action they find necessary, including warning or omitting that participant.