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Should we spend time on the internet?

"Shrove Tuesday men" in the Alfta parish. Pictures such as this (from the Nordic Museum) can teach the public about Swedish culture.

Are you wasting time by publishing material on the internet? Quite the reverse! You can save a lot of time, for three important reasons:

  • you spend less time on accessing the same material time and time again. Once it is published you can do more important things
  • the material is disseminated further when the visitors do not have to travel to your building. It makes it easier for inividuals who live far away to take part of your collections
  • more persons can take part in the work of adding correct information about the material. Not even your experts know everything, and it's very practical to get help from the public

Focus on small regular projects rather than large ones. A few minutes now and then during workdays makes it easier for the public to start a relationship with you, which gives recurring visits – and more good will to help you save time.