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NOTE: This table uses Swedish law. The same rules may or may not apply to your country. Do not forget to check with a lawyer to get it right.

What can we do?

Can we publish material online according to the copyright law, if... Kommentar
The creator died more than 70 years ago? Bueno-verde.png (The material is in the public domain)
More than 70 years have passed since an anonymous work was published for the first time? Bueno-verde.png
The material is anonymous, have never been published, and is more than 70 years old? Bueno-verde.png
The material was created before 1880? Bueno-verde.png
There is a written contract where the economic rights are awarded to the instituion? Bueno-verde.png
The material was created by a staff member at the institution in the line of duty and will be used according to the same purpose as the insitution had at the time of the creation? Bueno-verde.png
The rights owner has given permission to publish the material? Bueno-verde.png
The rights owner has licensed the material with a free license? Bueno-verde.png
The images portrays houses and public places? Bueno-verde.png
The images portrays people? Bueno-verde.png (in some cases you may need permission from the portrayed person)
The images portray works that are protected by copyright? Crystal button cancel.svg
The material come from a Swedish government agency? Crystal button cancel.svg (if nothing else is stated)
The history of the material is uncertain? Prioritize other material.[1]


  1. Wikipedia will not permit material without that information. For other types of publishing, make a reasonable attempt at discovering the history of the work and make notes. Then you can publish the material with a note that says that the source is unknown but that you are more than happy to recieve information about it.


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