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4 april 2013 kl. 12.02 (CEST)

Organisation: Google Cultural Institute
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Wikimedia Sverige


Contact name
André Costa



Wikimedia Sverige
Box 500
101 29 Stockholm

More information
Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is André Costa and I am working for Wikimedia Sverige. Wikimedia Sverige is a charitable non-profit organisation based in Sweden. Wikimedia Sverige is separate from the Wikimedia Foundation but exists to support their projects, most noticeably Wikipedia, in Sweden. We also work with cultural institutions to help them open up their data and make it accessible to the public and to increase the awareness of free licenses.

Right now we are working on a project which aims to create an open database of all public art in Sweden. No such database exists today as the information is held by each municipality and various other governmental entities. These are works of art which, under current conditions, the greater public would never get a chance to experience due to their geographical spread. It is also artwork which is extra vulnerable as it is mainly placed outdoors, is a low priority in the municipal budget and at risk of being moved, sold or mothballed as cities grow and public opinions shift.

Bringing all of this information together into one free and open database, with an open API, would for the first time enable an overview of the public art in Sweden. It is our hope that researchers as well as developers, open data enthusiasts and the municipalities themselves will be able to use the database as a standardised resource to work against. Contacting municipalities and other state entities has already proven to increase awareness and discussions about open governmental data and the uses thereof.

The data would also be integrated into Wikipedia as well as serve as the basis for photography projects such as Wiki Loves Public Art[1]; an international photography competition running for the first time this May. It's aim is to engage the public by having them take photographs of the public art in their local surroundings. These images are linked to various cultural databases and made available under a free license at Wikimedia Commons. The competitions follows the successful recipe used for Wiki Loves Monuments, the worlds largest photography competitions which last year had more than 350,000 contributions from 33 countries.

We believe that a cooperation with Google Cultural Institute would allow us to scale up the project to encompass all the municipalities in Sweden creating a greater and more comprehensive dataset for everybody to use. It could also enable the development of additional tools and means of visualising what is essentially a national collection of art.

We hope that you find this interesting and worthwhile and would like to discuss this further with us.

Thank you for your time,

André Costa