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This is a list of external communication as part of the Europeana Awareness project. It consists of three types of communications:

  1. Mentionings regarding the project and the different events on blogs, newsletters and in media.
  2. Posters, fliers etc. that have been handed out as part of the project.
  3. Presentations of the project at conferences and before audiences.

Also, please see our Communications strategy.

When searching, try writing different combinations and spell it both edit-a-thon and editathon, and try using skrivstuga as well.

Blogs, Newsletters and Media

WLPA photo contest

There is also a list on Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2013/Press mentions. Both should be updated.

Fashion Edit-a-thon

Digikult Conference

GLAM-WIKI 2013 Conference

  1. Blog post at
  2. Blog post at
  3. High profile keynote speakers confirmed for GLAM-Wiki 2013 (Wikimedia UK Blog) 4 January 2013
  4. Call for papers 16 January 2013
  5. OKFN blog: [2] and [3]
  6. BL listing
  7. NAPLE blog
  8. The Museums Resource Network
  9. WMUK THATCamp blog
  10. Rijksmuseum blog
  11. Smithsonian Institution blog
  12. Collections Trust
  13. Blog by Robert N Forsythe, Wikimedian in Residence at TWAM
  14. Messen und Massen – Wichtige Trends in der Zusammenarbeit von Kultureinrichtungen mit der internationalen Wikimedia Bewegung by Barbara Fischer, WMDE
  15. GLAM-Wiki London 2013 Highlights by Joris Pekel
  16. Rebecca Atkinson from Museum Practice and Museums Journal is putting together an edition of Museum Practice on Wikipedia, inspired by what she heard at the conference. She interviewed John during the conference and wrote about the first WWI edit-a-thon.

1864 edit-a-thon

  1. Wikipedia går til kamp mod redigeringskrig. 2013-06-10.

WWI Edit-a-thons




Collection Days Edit-a-thon

Wikimedia Diversity Conference

Fashion Edit-a-thon no. 2

Posters and Fliers

  • At Wikimania, the largest conference for Wikimedians in the world with around 1,400 participants, we handed out around 200 fliers with information about the project, with Europeana's logotype on it and talked about the projects with many dozens of people.
  • First WWI Edit-a-thon: Before our first event in Stockholm we handed out circa 200 fliers and put up more than 40 posters at Stockholm University with information about the event and the logotypes of Europeana, Wikimedia Sweden and another participating organizations. We created an event page on Wikipedia with the poster as an illustration and Europeana (with links to your portal) were included on the event page:

Presentations at events

  • Fashion Edit-a-thon: Marco Redina and Erwin Verbruggen presented about Europeana and Europeana Fashion at the Fashion Edit-a-thon in Stockholm (with slides showing the Europeana logo) for 30 minutes on the 22th of March.
  • GLAM-WIKI: Geer Oskam talked about our cooperation and Europeana at the GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference in the main auditorium with circa 120 guests (from GLAM and Wikimedians) for 45 minutes. Only a handful of the presentations during the conference were given the opportunity to present before all participants in the auditorium.
  • Digikult: Geer Oskam gave a presentation titled "Europeana, open data and end user engagement" at the Digikult conference in the main auditorium with circa 150 guests (GLAM, bureaucrats, media?? and politicians) for 30 minutes.
  • Wikimania: John gave a presentation at Wikimania in Hong Kong about the project.
  • OpenGLAM conference: John gave a presentation at the OpenGLAM conference in Warsaw about the project.
  • Fashion Edit-a-thon 2: John presented about Europeana and Europeana Fashion at the second Fashion Edit-a-thon in Stockholm.

Other Usage of Europeana's Logotype

  • On our website for Wiki Loves Public Art we have Europeana's logotype on the Partner page with a short text about Europeana ( and the logotype is visible at the bottom of each page.
  • As part of a project called Wiki Skills (a project that are organizing classes for teachers how to use wikis in education) we produced a leaflet with suggestions how Wiki Loves Public Art could be used as part of an assignment - Europeana's logotype and involvement was very visible there.
  • We have created a Twitter account (@WikiEuropeana) that so far has over 250 followers.
  • Europeana's and Wikimedia Sverige's logotype was used in external communication about the GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference sent out by WMUK (example).