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Avsnitt 207

Inspelningsdatum: 3 december 2022

Publiceringsdatum: 28 december 2022


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Programledare är Jan Ainali.

Special episode

Interview with Gonçalo Themudo, Board member of Wikimedia Europe, about Wikimedia Europe recorded at the Big Fat Brussels Meeting VIII.


All of the affiliates in Europe, affiliates with the Wikimedia movement that want to join can join, and 25 affiliates have joined already from chapters and user groups and other kind of associations around the movement.

Hello, this is WikipediaPodden from the Big Fat Brussels meeting. I'm Jan Ainali, and I'm here with Gonçalo Themudo, who is a president of Wikimedia Portugal and now also a board member of Wikimedia Europe, soon to be or perhaps already established.

Well soon to be. We still have a lot of the legal paperwork and the king has to approve officially, so it'll still be a couple months.

And that will be the king of Belgium, I guess, because you're going to be registered here?

Yeah, exactly.

And what kind of organization will Wikimedia Europe become then?

So it's a member organization, so all of the affiliates in Europe affiliates with the Wikimedia movement that want to join can join, and 25 affiliates have joined already from chapters and user groups and other kind of associations around the movement.

And how did Wikimedia Europe sort of like originate? Where did the idea come from?

Well, there's already an advocacy group working in Brussels that's been working for the last 10 years, trying to promote the values of the Wikimedia movement in context of the European Commission legislative work, trying to promote free knowledge and stuff that would matter for the Wikimedia movement. And so Wikimedia Europe is continuing that and sort of increasing a little bit of capacity to also be able to fundraise for this kind of work.

The association forum, I guess, is like a nonprofit here in Belgium, and you have members who are affiliates who could otherwise participate, or how can people in the movement join in the work of what Wikimedia Europe is doing?

So Wikimedia Europe is sort of an association of associations, so I don't think there's any plans for individuals to be able to join, like, officially, but I guess that's still in the works, how people can actually participate. We'll probably arrange some communication channels where people can input some ideas of what they would like to see the work of Wikimedia Europe to be.

So even if individuals cannot become members, if I get excited or if someone gets excited by, oh, this sounds brilliant, how can they help you?

Yeah, that's a good question. A lot of it is still in the air, because we're working the last year just formalize the association. So, yeah, I think it'd be really great if people want to participate and join the work, send us ideas to the board and to the staff members, like Anna and Dimi for now. Just things that they would like to see happen and how to make that happen, that'd be great.

And this Big Fat Brussels meeting, what has that meant for Wikimedia Europe?

So this was the first Big Fat Brussels meeting to happen after the idea of Wikimedia Europe to happen. There's been other meetings in previous years with the advocacy group. So for us, it was, or at least for me personally, it was a good chance to meet all the members that came here, all the board members for the first time joined in person, and we'll actually have a board meeting tomorrow. Yeah, it was nice to be together in the same room discussing about what we want to do for the next year or so.

And finally, if people want to find out more about Wikimedia Europe, where should they go look?

I guess the best place for now is the Meta page on, I guess, slash Wiki, slash Wikimedia Europe.I guess that would be the right address, where there's some text about the origin of Wikimedia Europe, who's a part of it, and how to join, if you're an organization that would like to join.

Great. Thank you, Gonçalo, for taking the time speaking with me.

Thank you.

This was Jan Ainali interviewing Gonçalo Themudo for WikipediaPodden in the third and last episode from the Big Fat Brussels meeting. You'll find all episodes under the tag Big Fat Brussels meeting on You can also find more episodes in English there under the tag English. Both are, of course, linked in the show notes. This was also the last episode of season 10. See you in 2023.