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This page is used to plan the d:Wikidata:Menu Challenge. #tastydata

We want to visualize how open data can be used and benefit many actors in society. By focusing on restaurants, we show that it is not just tech companies that can benefit from the opportunities of open data and crowdsourcing. Wikimedia Sverige will participate at the food fair Smaka på Stockholm (Taste Stockholm) where we will add all the menus from the restaurants to interactive Wikidata Menus and show it to all of the thousands of visitors. Help us prepare the menu by translating all the ingredients and the dishes to your language.

Time for competition

00:01 8 May until 23:59 27 May 2015 (CET UTC+02:00).


  • Add label: 5p/language
  • Add image (P18): 2p +10p if it is newly uploaded
  • Add pronunciation audio (P443 with language as qualifier): 5p +10p if it is newly uploaded, 0p if no qualifier has been added (by the end of the contest)

Extra points might be rewarded for related important tasks, i.e. untangling or correcting strange Wikipedialinks. Please point out what has been done and the judge will give out points based on how much work was involved.



Instructions to create

  • Text on Wikidata - reuse design and layout from m:Umepedia Challenge?
  • Make a video showing how to add a label
  • Make a video showing how to add an image
  • Make a video showing how to add audio with qualifier

Where to post about competition?

Text to post

Please help us by translating it into your language



We would like to invite you to participate in our contest the Menu Challenge starting 8 May! There we would need your help with adding translations, photos and/or audio recordings to Wikidata about ingredients and dishes that will be served on the food fair Taste Stockholm. We will use your work to show the endless possibilities with open data and crowdsourcing to all the fair's thousands of visitors. So please join us today! You might even win one of the great prizes. All information how to participate in the contest can be found here. Let's get some #tastydata!

Kind regards, ~~~~

PS. Please help us spread the word!