Projekt:Wikipedia i utbildning 2013/Ansökan till Stichting af Jochnick Foundation

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Organisation: Stichting af Jochnick Foundation
Sista ansökningsdatum: Löpande
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Värde för WMSE (1-5):
Beslutsdatum: kvartalsvis
Uppföljning inför inskick:

Target group and location of the project:

The target group is pupils 8-15 years old in Sweden.

Background of the project:

Wikimedia Sverige supports Wikipedia in several ways and have had extensive contacts with teachers. During the last year it has been clear that there is a need from teachers in primary education to let their pupils participate on Wikipedia. The high requirements on every single contribution makes it sometimes hard for younger to participate. There is a french initiative, WikiMini, just for that target group, where young pupils write for young readers which solves this problem. In this project we want to create a Swedish version of it, to let pupils and young people become active producers of knowledge and not only passive consumers, and to become reflective thinkers on what relevant knowledge is and who deciedes that. This will be a Wikipedia for all in the primary school where they not only are passive readers but also engages and shares their fantastic knowledge with each other.

Aim and objective of the project:

The aim is to educate 100 teachers. That will directly have effect on over 1500 pupils in the first year. Hopefully the ripple effect will make this higher and we plan to make educational material available on-line so that other interested teachers can serve themselves and engage in the project with very little assistance from us.

Other grants given to the project, and specification of financing after the Foundation´s involvement if application is approved:

No other grants are given to the project.

For year 2 funds will be applied from Wikimedia Foundation to continue educate teachers and produce improved instructional material based on feedback from the first year.

Costs and budget, specify how the grant will be used:

One employee will work 50% on this. Workshops in different parts of Sweden will require travel and sometimes costs for location.

Employee working 50% on the project one year, 280 000 SEK
Travel costs, 40 000 SEK
Locations, 40 000 SEK

Total 360 000 SEK

Project plan:

First, the platform must be migrated to Swedish. The technical side is less demanding than getting help pages, instructions and how-to's translated. Next, teachers will have to be informed and educated in how this resource can be used. We will focus on teachers that are thought leaders and who will continue to spread the word to their colleagues.

The project will start in November 2013 (pending approved funding). Setting up everything will be done in 2013 so that we can utilize teachers education days (Kompetensutvecklingsdagar) early 2014. Workshops will continue during the year.