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Sj (diskussionbidrag)

Please excuse my writing in English. Riksbyggen seems like an amazing city; surely there are more than 100 places worth marking. And it would be more cost effective to have more markers, no? I love the idea of a wikitown, but the implementations always seem to be quite small. Warm regards.

Jan Ainali (WMSE) (diskussionbidrag)

Hello, SJ. Riksbyggen is not a city, it is a company who has a fund we applied money from (which we did not get). You are right that it will be more cost effective to have more markers. The reason for such a low number is that it was what we felt was realistic in terms of where we could actually place signs.

Sj (diskussionbidrag)

Thanks Jan. That makes sense. I thought it was a city or town owned by national housing cooperatives, which seemed quite remarkable. I understand the concern about now being able to place more signs; I wish that this and other wikitown projects would write in more detail about the difficulties in placement. Since this is also connected to issues of preservation and scalability: will the markers be removed soon? How long will they remain; will they inspire other markers? Will this progress towards a higher density of smaller, less noticeable/intrusive signs? &c.

Jan Ainali (WMSE) (diskussionbidrag)

Yeah, these are good thoughts. Right now we are having discussions with an organisation that already have signs around in the city to see if we could join our forces. I think that would be a win-win situation that also make us more sustainable.

Jan Ainali (WMSE) (diskussionbidrag)

Jag kom att tänka på att det kan vara bra att ha information om uppsatta skyltar lagrat strukturerat. På rak arm kommer jag på att de bör innehålla:

  • Artikelnamn
  • URL
  • Koordinat
  • Plats
  • Uppsättningsdatum
  • Förvaltningsansvarig
  • Annan text på skylten
  • Bild på placering
  • Skyltmaterial
  • Kommun
  • Projekt som satte upp den

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