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This is page that lists things we need help with. See also available jobs for intern opportunitities and thesis suggestions.

Technical tools

  • Port wikiscan.org so that it also can display Swedish Wikipedia.
  • Develop the idea Catapp, which is an idea for an app to make it easier to categorize on the mobile.
  • Make a plugin for Drupal to make it easier to reuse images from Wikimedia Commons (both search and attribution)
  • Make an Android app that records video in .ogv or .webm (alternatively that converts videos to it) so that you can upload videos created on mobile to Commons directly from the phone.
  • Develop the idea Global link search to make it easier to get statistics on outgoing links from Wikipedia.
  • Develop Global Press Coverage to make it possible to get an overview of all mentions of Wikipedia in the press.
  • Get the gadget Annotations from Commons working on Swedish Wikipedia so that the annotations are visible there.
  • Create a graphical interface for incategory searches.
  • Help develop an interface to make matching between keywords and categories on Commons before batch uploads. Also see commons:Commons:GLAMToolset project.
  • Suggestion: Create a .js script that gives an interface similar to translatewiki.net but with integrated hotcat which makes it easier to work on lists like these.
  • Help out in the project Database for Public Art.
    • Make interesting visualizations and uses of the information in the database. For example:
      • Walk through of X
      • Develop a web interface to discover and interact with the art (see e.g. publicart.sg).
    • Take a look on our to-do list.
  • Develop an easy way to add all pages in a categroy to your user list.
  • Develop a functionality in CiviCRM and Drupal that gives the option to publish a mailing as any page type (in full html)
  • Create a way to show the number of pages views the article you are reading had the last hour. Create it as a gadget or user script. It would be nice if it also gives the summary for all language versions.
  • Create a newsletter that gives a feedback about the lastest weeks activity. E.g. You made X edits last week (+X since last week). You edited X different articles. The articles you edited were viewed X times last week. The article that were used most time were X (x views). You have in total made X edits in X articles.
  • Make a gadget/userscript that, when you are in a category on Wikipedia, shows the number of statements each page has on Wikidata.

Old tasks

Thesis and surveys

Staff from Wikimedia Sverige can help in survey design or in identifying volunteers who can help.

  • Compare the quality of Swedish Wikipedia to other reference works.
  • Survey the reader quality experience of Wikipedia.
  • Survey how discussions on talk pages are handled and how often new users gets their questions answered. Companies and organisations are often recommended to propose edits to articles where they might have a conflict of interest rather then to edit the article. But do they get an answer? As part of the task a script would be needed that can see how fast new users gets answers, if replies are written on the talk page they wrote on or on their user talk pages (if the questions are more specific or don't apply to the article). The script could also be used by the community to find questions that are still un answered after a certain amount of time.

Graphic design


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