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Image donation

The Swedish Left party, Vänsterpartiet, donated 104 high resolution images on their candidates for the upcoming election in September. [1]

Photo hunts


After our great response on the photo hunt in June, people got inspired and arranged another one, this time in the Southern part of Sweden, Skåne. [2] Wikimedia Sverige will cover travel expenses up to €300. Pictures are being uploaded to this category on Commons. [3]

Bergslagssafari (again)

Since our last report on this photo hunt another 185 images has been uploaded, now totaling 462 images. [4] 4 has been promoted to Quality Images so far. [5]

Toolserver tools

There are two new useful tools on the toolserver. One for getting the page hits for all articles (on all projects) that has an image from a specified category on Commons. [6] The other one gives all page hits for all articles in a specified category on a specified Wikipedia version. [7] We believe these can be helpful for all chapters that are working with GLAM organizations. Both thanks to User:Prolineserver, a WMSE member.

Board meeting

We had one board meeting in August, minutes are available in Swedish. [8] One important outcome of this meeting was that Axel Pettersson was elected to replace Johanna Henriksson who stepped down earlier this summer on personal reasons. Axel is also the new press contact for the Swedish Wikipedia, appointed by the community.

In the media

A journalist, Adam Svanell, in Sweden's third largest newspaper wrote an article about how easy it is to fake something on Wikipedia. [9] He wrote the article about himself and gradually exaggerated it over time. In his article he says that he is surprised no one corrected it. will tell you it was not such a big surprise nobody noticed it. [10] Our chair, Lennart Guldbrandsson blogged about the journalist's methods and the facts that were wrong [11] which generated more media. [12]


Sorani Wikipedia (ckb) passed 2000 articles. Although not an official language in Sweden, most of the traffic to this Wikipedia comes from Sweden. [13]