Chapters reports/2011-04

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This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, April 2011.

Board meetings

  • Constituent meeting after the general assembly, where Hoger Motzkau was appointed treasurer and Axel Pettersson reappointed as press contact. [1] (minutes in Swedish)
  • Regular board meeting, where we tried out Etherpad. [2][3] (minutes in Swedish)

Other events

We attended Digidel 2013, a project to make 500 000 people who is not yet on Internet to come online. We also attended an open house event at .SE where they celebrated beeing awarded Utmärkelsen Svensk Kvalitet.


We got a grant of €1000 to use in a photo hunt fråm Cloudberry, a cooperation by Creative Commons organisations in the nordic countries, which we are now planning (it will take place in June). [4][5]

Internet in Sweden

The work continued and Johan published a blog post about it in Wikimedia Foundations blog. [6] After a press release [7] the project was noticed by Expressen.