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This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sweden September 2012.

Hiring an Education program manager

Sophie Österberg, who worked as an intern this summer, was hired as Education Program Manager. The contract is for three months and she started on October 1. The aim is to be ready to start with the Wikipedia Education Program early next year.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Introduction to the competion during a day photo hunt in the Old town in Stockholm.

For Sweden 3351 images was uploaded not as high numbers as last year and not what we expected. However this year 243 photographers participated compared to 165 last year. During the competition we made outreach to schools, and other organisations. The upcoming evaluation will show the reason for the drop and lessons to learn for next year and the upcoming Wiki Loves Public Art. Our jury has started their work and the price ceremony will be at FSCONS in Gothenburg in November.

Wiki Skills

Anna and Leo working with Wiki Skills have jointly with an intern at Wikimedia Sverige developed a broschure with information concerning wikis in education to be handed out to teachers and others working within the educational sector.

Europeana Awareness

Two representatives from Wikimedia Sweden participated at GLAMcamp in London on the 15-16 September. John Andersson participated there as part of the Europeana Awareness project and joined the task force that will be working with the organization of the GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference. John will work on finding content (i.e. people to give presentations and workshops) and external communication (promoting the conference to both speakers and attendees).

Wikimedia Sweden and the Nordic Museum had a first meeting about a coming editathon, that will have fashion as its theme. The editathon will take place in March 2013 in cooperation with other actors such as Europeana Fashion and Stockholm University.

Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA)

Beppo Stuhl from Austria became the first volunteer to take on the role as a National Coordinator for the Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) photo contest.

Technology pool

The church of Utö, photographed with the Nikon D7000.

The equipment were borrowed eight times: for the Book fair in Gothenburg (two equipments), air photography, photography of members of the Swedish parliament, video at a nerd café, two edit-a-thons and for a weekend photo session.

Air photography

The helicopter used for the air photography.

One flight with a helicopter over Stockholm was made. Over 100 images are going to be submitted to the Swedish Armed Forces for approval before being uploaded.

Book fair in Gothenburg

Interviews at the book fair.

Six Wikipedians participated in the Gothenburg book fair. In total, they interviewed about 80 authors and politicians in all languages they spoke, and took pictures of more than hundred other relevant persons. Images and videos are being uploaded to commons.

Program planning

We had a planning meeting with the members with the purpose to get a programme plan ready for an application for grants to the Funds Dissemination Committe.

Seminars and Lectures

As part of our organisational development, board members have been to seminars, one about board responsibility and one about successful board work.

Swedish Wikipedia reaches 500,000 articles

On September 27, Swedish Wikipedia reached 500,000 articles.

Board meeting

We had one board meeting, minutes available in Swedish.


The presentation at the nerd café.
  • Presentation about Creative Commons for photographers at a photograpers conference
  • Breakfast seminar for teachers, slides, Video
  • Nerd café at the Museum of Technology, slides, Video
  • Presentation about Wikipedia and the collaboration between Wikimedia Sweden and the Council of the Central Museums at the National Maritime Museums staff meeting, slides


  • October 15, Editing contest about Nobel Leauraets
  • October 16, Ada day Edit-a-thon
  • October 20, Wikimedia Sverige turns five years old
  • October 20-21, Participating in Hembygdsdagarna
  • October 22, Participaing in Internet days with focus on schools
  • October 25, Inspirational seminar at the Swedish National Heritage Board
  • October 29-30, Participating in Mötesplats skola (Meeting place school)
  • October 29-31, Participating in Skolforum (Forum for schools)