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This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige October 2012.


Short video with Ylva Pettersson about the nomination (in Swedish).
Former board member Einar Spetz demonstrating Wikipedia to Parliament member Ibrahim Baylan (s).
Secretary Jakob Hammarbäck at Mötesplats skola.
Wikipedia i utbildning

Sophie Österberg started working as Education manager this month.

The Internet days (Internetdagarna)

This years the internet days had a special track for internet use in education. Board member Ylva presentation gave a presentation on how she uses Wikipedia in the classroom and our Education manager Sophie Österberg took seat in a panel discussion.

School forum (Skolforum)

Board member Ylva Pettersson, finalist to the Golden apple (Guldäpplet) for her her use of Wikipedia gave a presentation on what teachers should think on. Video (in Swedish). More pictures to be found on Commons.

Meeting place school (Mötesplats skola)

Together with GR utbildning (GR education) we attended Mötesplats skola.

Informational material

We created some new materials for our Wikipedia Education Program, and also reprinted some already existing material.


We had several meetings with Educational institutions discussing how we could work with Wikipedia Education program, among these were:

  • The Royal College of Music
  • The Royal Institute of Technology
  • The University of Gävle

Also, the Wiki skills project had a meeting in Athens.

Community driven projects


As a community driven project some volunteers attended Swecon, a congress for Sci-fi litterature. We gave som workshops and took pictures of authors, which can be found on commons. Håkan Wester from Studiefämjandet made a short interview with Chairman Jan Ainali on how Wikipedia can be used in popular education (in Swedish).

Technology pool

The equipment was borrowed 11 times in October. To October, 251 quality images, 12 valued images and 5 featured pictures have been produced by the pool.


Hembygdens Helg

We participated at Hembygdens helg at the National Historical Museum. Blog post (in Swedish). Some pictures were uploaded to Commons.


  • Workshop with staff at the Central museums in The Royal Armoury.
  • Workshop with the staff at Ájtte Swedish mountain and Sámi museum.


We had several meetings with large GLAM institutions about a variety of projects:

  • The National Maritime Museums
  • The National Archives
  • The Vasa Museum
  • The Nordic Museum
  • The Open Knowledge Foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments

The Swedish winners were announced. Blog post about that and one about the statistics (both in Swedish).

Other external events

Ada Lovelace edit-a-thon

In remebrance of Ada Lovelace, we had an edit-a-thon in Stockholm with focus on women in science and technology. Around 10 new editors were guided by 6 experienced editors. 12 new articles were created and another 10 improved, a great acomplishment since there was little knowledge about Wikipedia before at the attendees. One of them blogged about it on the Wikimedia Foundation blog. It was also noted by media:


Chairman Jan Ainali gave an hour long presentation about Wikipedia for the IT-consultancy company Kentor.


We got a special invitation to attend a TEDx event with the theme: "Change through collaboration".


Board meeting

We had one board meeting, minutes are available (in Swedish).


We hired a financial administrator, Suzan Tutak, on half time who will start November 1.


The chapter turned five years old on October 20. Board member Bengt Oberger wrote about the journey on the Wikimedia Foundation blog (in English and Swedish).

Review by accountants

In order to develop the organization we consulted KPMG to do a review of the chapters financial routines. The preliminary report that was delivered in October was very positive.

Informational material

We reprinted some already existing material.

  • Välkommen till Wikipedia (Welcome to Wikipedia)