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Overview of this month

The purpose of this section is to provide a brief overview of this report. Please use no more than 1-2 paragraphs to address the questions outlined below. You will have an opportunity to address these questions in detail elsewhere in this report.

CHANGES: Please describe how you changed your plans and budget based on the FDC allocation approved by the Board in December 2012, and your rationale for these changes. You can then use the changed plans and budget as the basis on which to report back on the last month.

  • No changes were made in September.

HIGHLIGHTS: What were 1–2 important highlights of the past month? (These may include successes, challenges, lessons learned.)

  • The Gothenburg Book fair, which featured a community driven project taking pictures and making interviews conducted by 11 volunteers, as well as presentations on Wikipedia in Education and Copyright.
  • The final delivery of the brochure Free public information to each of the Members of Parliament.
  • The chapter and Wikipedia were mentioned five times in the Governmental budget proposition for 2014.
  • Our board member Ylva Pettersson was awarded second prize in The Innovative Teacher Award for her and her students' work with creating articles, videos, music and photos for Wikipedia in a project on local history.

WIKI-FOCUS: What Wikimedia projects was your entity focused on (e.g., Wiki Commons, French Wiktionary) this month?

  • Mostly Swedish Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons but thanks to the Swedish for Immigrants project we were involved in around 10 other language versions.

GROWTH: How did your entity grow over the past month vs. the previous month (e.g., Number of active editors reached/involved/added, number of articles created, number of events held, number of partipants reached through workshops)?

  • New users through chapter activities: 1 confirmed. Unfortunatly not tracked closely enough, there should be plenty more from the workshops.
  • Editors involved in chapter activities: 26
  • Media uploaded helped by chapter resources: 555
  • Media viewed: 1,824,524
  • Persons engaged in workshops and seminars: 118
  • Persons reached in presentations: >425
  • Number of events held (edit-a-thons, workshops, seminars, presentations, other): 18
  • New chapter members: 5
  • Facebook page likes: +20 (756 in total)

Progress toward this year's goals/objectives

This section addresses the impact of the programs / initiatives* and objectives your entity has implemented over the past month and the progress your entity is making toward meeting this year's goals. We understand that some metrics may not be applicable in this monthly report, so please add metrics here if they are applicable.

*In the last round, the FDC used the term 'initiative', but this round, we are using the term 'program.'

Community support

Community support
Map of the photo hunt
Volunteers having dinner after a long day at the bookfair.
On-stage photo at Hoforsrocken.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Getting more underrepresented groups onto the projects
  • Increasing editor satisfaction
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
Activities conducted.
  • Photohunt in Mölndal (images pending upload)
  • We lent our conference room to volunteers that arranged a screening in the Nordic Creative Commons film festival (event page)
  • Wiki meetups initiated by the chapter
    • in Kalmar (5 users)
    • in Lund (7 users)
    • in Uppsala (5 users)
  • A volunteer had a booth at the Culture night in Hedemora with the help of equipment from our technology pool. He started a blog and made a great evaluation (in Swedish).
  • 11 volunteers attended the Gothenburg book fair, where all costs were covered from our community driven projects. Focus were mainly to take photos of authors and since the theme this year was Romania coordination were done with ro.wp. Commons category (401 images). Blog post in English.
  • Women's workshop in Malmö
  • Photo accreditations
  • The technology pool was used 10 times in September
  • We asked around to see if there were interest in doing more aerial photography in the community and got a overwhelming positive response. Photo courses and flying tours are planned for October.
  • One user who got some reference litterature in August added 21 references in September.
What worked and what did not?
  • Having the technology pool heavily used puts demands on recording who has what piece of equipment. We developed a new but simple signing system on wiki, accompanied by a whiteboard next to the equipment to make it easy to remember to update it.
  • We are still waiting for data from the 2012 Editor Survey. It will serve as a baseline for the gender balance on the Swedish Wikipedia for the Women on Wikipedia project and as a baseline for the satisfaction index on the users in the Wiki meetup tour project. We are also supposed to use the 2013 survey as a measure of success, however it seems unclear if there is one in the pipeline.

Any additional details:

Free knowledge in education

Free knowledge in education
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Wikipedia is used as a teaching tool in education
  • Pupils, students and teachers contribute free knowledge
  • Teachers present the projects to be used as a resource for the pupils and students
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  • Our board member Ylva Pettersson was awarded second prize in The Innovative Teacher Award, an international award founded by Microsoft, for her and her students' work with creating articles, videos, music and photos for Wikipedia in a project on local history. Articles about the project can be found e.g in the Teacher's Magazine Skolvärlden:
  • More and more teachers are using Wikipedia in one way or another, and it feels that they are more curious than skeptical in comparison to a year ago.
Activities conducted.
  • Workshop for two classes at Stagneliusgymnasiet in Kalmar. (50 attending) Two half day workshops were organized in Kalmar with circa 50 high school students. The students will travel to Uganda and write articles about the country and illustrate it with photos and videos. The cooperation with the teacher also led to a joint application for funding for two former students to travel to Uganda as volunteers to teach students there to edit Wikipedia. This was a joint application together with a Ugandian organization and the WWF.
  • Two students from Kalmar, the ones that hopefully are going to Uganda to teach students there, are looking into the Wikipedia ambassador program.
  • Workshop with school librarians in Stockholm. (8 attending)
  • We led at a workshop at Lund University with circa 30 participating researchers, communicators and librarians. The group was very positive and two of the participants came up and said that they would try to include Wikipedia in their classes. One librarian also stated that she had gathered a large number of documents that she would like to spread through Wikisource. (30 attending)
  • Three presentations at the Gothenburg book fair. (>425 attending)
  • A teacher, has stepped forward and asked to work as a volunteer on the project up to 16 hours per week. He is helping with updating the instruction material on how to contribute on Wikipedia (with new texts about VisualEditor complete with screen shots and screen casts) and with translations for the Wikimini project. He is already a Wikipedia ambassador.
  • One class used Wiki loves monuments as a tool to learn and photograph their local cultural heritage, led by our board member Ylva Pettersson.
  • Swedish for immigrants on Wikipedia
    • Twenty volunteers from eleven language versions signed up for working with us in our Swedish for Immigrants project.
    • We had a follow-up workshop with two SFI teachers in Malmö and one of their pupils where they could ask technical questions and get help moving forward.
    • Presentation for the Swedish for Immigrants teachers in Malmö. (30 attending)
    • Volunteers added Albanian and Macedonian to the list of articles to work with.
  • A new project to find Champions for freer licenses in Open Access was started.
What worked and what did not?
  • We are already seeing positive effects of the Visual Editor in workshops. People get around to do their first edits more quickly and the "scared reaction" does not happen.

Any additional details:

Content liberation

Content liberation
screenshot of the search tool built on Hack4DK.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Increase GLAM's general interest to freely license their material and make it available for the projects.
  • Enhance the quality of the donated material.
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  • Search tool for public art built, which searches our database and a Danish one so far.
  • Requests for batch-uploads of more large donations has been made.
Activities conducted.
  • Hack4DK hackathon
  • Another 14 municipalities has been contacted about their public art data.
  • Test runs for two new batch uploads has been made. Bot-flags and server-side uploads are pending.
  • We are supporting two museums so that they can reuse material from Wikipedia in their exihibitions.
What worked and what did not?
  • We see a lot of interest in getting help with getting media onto Commons.

Any additional details:

  • During a twitter discussion about Wikipedia and Museums arranged by idek, the hashtag used, #socmus, became the trending topic in Sweden. Storify.

Reader participation

Reader participation
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Identify weaknesses in the quality of content and disseminate our findings.
  • Identify weaknesses in the user interface and work to get them solved.
  • Create a positive image of the projects.
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  • Wiki Loves Monuments were covered both in TV and radio.
  • In Wiki Loves Monuments there were 109 participants in the Swedish contest (uploading 4035 images).
Activities conducted.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments. We had one volunteer working 60% with WLM all month, coordinationg messaging, cleaning categories and updating lists.
What worked and what did not?
  • We are still analysing the low participant number for WLM this year.

Any additional details:

Free knowledge awareness

Free knowledge awareness
All brochures and accompaning letter to the Members of Parliament just before delivery.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Make policy makers and institutions aware of the advantages of free knowledge.
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  • Wikimedia Sverige and Wikipedia were named five times in the governmental budget proposition for 2014. There, state museums and archives describe there past activities and future plans and name benefits of free licensing, the presence of Wikipedia and cooperation with Wikimedia Sverige on e.g. digitization and outreach.
Activities conducted.
  • Delivered the brochure on free public information to all 349 Members of Parliament.
  • The brochure were also sent to 9 of the best known think tanks in Sweden.
What worked and what did not?

Any additional details:

Lessons learned

Lessons from this month

A key objective of the funding is to enable the movement as a whole to understand how to achieve shared goals better and faster. An important way of doing this is to identify lessons learned from entities who receive funds, and to share these lessons across the movement. The purpose of this section is to elicit some of these insights, which will be shared throughout the movement. Please answer the following questions in 1–2 paragraphs each.

What were your major accomplishments in the past month, and how did you help to achieve movement goals?

  • Getting mentioned in the Governmental budget. This official recognition will be of help in all projects we do.

What were your major setbacks in the past month (e.g., programs that were not successful)?

  • No major setbacks in September.

What factors (organizational, environmental) enabled your success?

  • That we do not only work on short-term projects, but put a lot of effort into collaborations on long-term is a major part of this months success.

What unanticipated challenges did you encounter and how did this affect what you were able to accomplish?

  • The uncertainty if there is going to be an Editor survey 2013 will make us figure out new ways in measuring our progress in our Women on Wikipedia project.

What changes might you make in executing your initiatives into the next month?

  • No major changes are planned.

Additional information

Provide any other relevant information that may be helpful or relevant for the FDC (e.g., links to any media coverage, blog posts, more detailed reports, more detailed financial information).

Sample pictures and movies from September.


Is your organization compliant with the terms outlined in the grant agreement?

As required in the grant agreement, please report any deviations from your grant proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

  • Yes.

Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Grant funds as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

  • Yes.


Once complete, please sign below with the usual four tildes.