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Overview of this month

The purpose of this section is to provide a brief overview of this report. Please use no more than 1-2 paragraphs to address the questions outlined below. You will have an opportunity to address these questions in detail elsewhere in this report.

CHANGES: Please describe how you changed your plans and budget based on the FDC allocation approved by the Board in December 2012, and your rationale for these changes. You can then use the changed plans and budget as the basis on which to report back on the last month.

  • No changes were made.

HIGHLIGHTS: What were 1–2 important highlights of the past month? (These may include successes, challenges, lessons learned.)

  • Participation at School fairs and launch of Swedish Wikimini.

WIKI-FOCUS: What Wikimedia projects was your entity focused on (e.g., Wiki Commons, French Wiktionary) this month?

  • Commons and Swedish Wikipedia, but also several other language versions thanks to the Swedish for immigrants project.

GROWTH: How did your entity grow over the past month vs. the previous month (e.g., Number of active editors reached/involved/added, number of articles created, number of events held, number of partipants reached through workshops)?

  • New users through chapter activities: ~10
  • Editors involved in chapter activities: 16
  • Media uploaded helped by chapter resources: 215+91 [1]
  • Media viewed: 1,288,861 [2]
  • Persons engaged in workshops and seminars: 21
  • Persons reached in presentations: 108
  • Number of events held (edit-a-thons, workshops, seminars, presentations, other): 14
  • New chapter members: 5
  • Facebook page likes: +10 (767 in total)

Progress toward this year's goals/objectives

This section addresses the impact of the programs / initiatives* and objectives your entity has implemented over the past month and the progress your entity is making toward meeting this year's goals. We understand that some metrics may not be applicable in this monthly report, so please add metrics here if they are applicable.

*In the last round, the FDC used the term 'initiative', but this round, we are using the term 'program.'

Community support

Community support
Volunteers during the course in aerial photography.
Participants at the womens edit-a-thon in Göteborg.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Getting more underrepresented groups onto the projects
  • Increasing editor satisfaction
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
Activities conducted.
  • Aerial photography Umeå, Stockholm and Göteborg
    • In total 10 volunteers have been flying and taking photos from helicopter and microlight aircraft. 4 of them got the chance to attend a course in aerial photography too. Most pictures are still pending clearence from the Swedish Armed Forces before they can be uploaded.
  • Two Womens edit-a-thons were held, in Göteborg and Skellefteå. The one in Göteborg were featured on the radio.
  • We participated in a Gender conference and got to present our project in getting a more equal Wikipedia.
  • The technology pool was used by volunteers 9 times in October.
  • The access to references project resulted in 16 articles being supported by new references in October.
  • Minigrants
    • Two volunteers were given minigrants to attend a community driven workshop on maps on Swedish Wikipedia held at our office.
    • Two volunteers were given minigrants to travel to Gävle doing a systematic photohunt by bike. 149 images (31 QI) available at commons.
  • A grant for a development server for OpenStreetMap was given.
What worked and what did not?

Any additional details:

Free knowledge in education

Free knowledge in education
SFI students in Värnamo.
Workshop for teachers in Gothenburg.
Axel Pettersson and Wikimini users at Mötesplats skola.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Wikipedia is used as a teaching tool in education
  • Pupils, students and teachers contribute free knowledge
  • Teachers present the projects to be used as a resource for the pupils and students
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
Activities conducted.
  • Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)
    • Workshop in Värnamo (19 attending), covered by local newspaper
    • A brochure about the SFI project was created and printed in advance of the education conference Mötesplats Skola.
  • Workshop for teachers in Gothenburg.
  • We participated at Mötesplats skola (Meetingplace School) a fair in Gothenburg and Skolforum (School forum) a fair in Stockholm, both targeted for teachers.
    • We successfully launched Wikimini, a encyklopedia for kids by kids. There were also information given about the SFI project (with one teacher and the principal from Värnamo present at Mötesplats Skola) and about Wikipedia in Education in general.
    • A presentation was given at Skolforum together with Dan Frendin about Wikipedia in Education.
    • Information material about SFI and Wikimini was handed out at the conferences and so was the updated material about WiU. This is to attract interest from the teachers and give them something to bring with them home.
    • We had support of volunteers both in Stockholm and Gothenburg that really helped making our participation a success.

A full list of valuable contacts taken can be found here (in Swedish).

  • Seminar for Rektorsakademin utveckling (The academy for Principal's development) where six principals attended
  • Wikiskills had a coordination meeting in Santiago de Compostela.
What worked and what did not?
  • Teachers and students are very postive and Wikipedia is "easy to sell", especially now when we have the VidualEditor. It seem like VE really has made people think that editing looks so much more fun.
  • We talked to a lot of teachers and organizations on the fairs and many showed a lot of interest, but we still has to follow up on the contacts that were made. This is something that takes a lot of time and we cannot be sure that people will actually do something. We did not have a list for teachers to sign up on so that we would have their contact details and could email them. This was overlooked by us completely and only realized after the event. For the photo fair next month, such lists will be prepared in advance.
  • There is a need to plan for follow ups from the start. People need to have the chance to digest the information and think about Wikipedia by themselves and how they can use it. And then get help again. For that reason we are having an edit-a-thon in Lund in November mainly for the staff that took part in an event in September.

Any additional details:

  • Two of our Wikipedia Ambassadors, trained through the Education program has been given a grant (~100 000 SEK) from WWF to go to Uganda and pilot a train-the-trainers program.

Content liberation

Content liberation
The logo for the project Open database for public art.
Current status in the project Open database for public art.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Increase GLAM's general interest to freely license their material and make it available for the projects.
  • Enhance the quality of the donated material.
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?

Activities conducted.
  • All workshops (6) with the working life museums are completed. Support will continue and follow up has started.
  • Volunteers had meetings with Lantmäteriet (the Land survey) about access to maps.
  • Volunteers had a meeting with Statistiska Centralbyrån (the Statistical Central Bureau about their standard names of small villages for use in articles and on Wikidata.
  • Warsawa presentation
  • Layout of Free knowledge based on Creative Commons licenses started.
  • The brochure Cultural treasures on the net has been translated to English and is awaiting translation markup on Commons.
  • Europeana Awareness
    • We have now surpassed the expected number of six events within the scope of the project and have in total organized 16 events so far.
    • Wikimania was our main event for the project and hence that part of the Description of Work has now been fulfilled.
    • We are organizing a follow-up on the Fashion edit-a-thon together with Europeana Fashion, Europeana, Nordiska museet and Stockholm University that will take place on the 12 November. There will be two other fashion edit-a-thons organized in parallel in Italy and Israel. They will be connected by a international contest (see here). Nordiska museet will donate 28 images of shoes in preparation for the event. At least one journalist (from Aftonbladet) will participate at the event.
    • A presentation about the project were given at the OpenGLAM conference in Warsaw, Poland in October (with a full scholarship).
    • Some information material has been purchased as part of the project to replace some that have been handed out during the year.
  • Open database for public art
    • In total 52 municipalities has been contacted.
    • In total 29 data sets has been received.
    • In total 11 data sets has been imported in the database.
    • 5 new wiki lists has been created from data in the database.
    • GPS units for our cameras has been bought to support gathering of coordinates of the art.
  • Discussions about a large batch upload of videos is ongoing on Commons.
What worked and what did not?

Any additional details:

Reader participation

Reader participation
Prize ceremony for the Publishing prize in the Wikipedia category.
During the translation sprint.
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Identify weaknesses in the quality of content and disseminate our findings.
  • Identify weaknesses in the user interface and work to get them solved.
  • Create a positive image of the projects.
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  • Untranslated texts in "Extensions used by Wikimedia" were brought down from 708 to 270, a 62 percent decrease.
Activities conducted.
  • A first version of a website was created for the Umepedia project.
  • Swedish Wiki Loves Monuments winners were announced.
  • After a competition about writing articles in relation to companies as a part of the Swedish Publishing prize, the winner was presented and the article is now nominated for Featured article.
  • A translation sprint of mediawiki extensions used by Wikimedia was held. Blog post on Wikimedia Foundation blog.
  • As part of preparations for participation at the Photo fair the brochure Illustrating Wikipedia were translated to Swedish.
What worked and what did not?

Any additional details:

  • Swedish radio made an interview with our employee Axel Pettersson.

Free knowledge awareness

Free knowledge awareness
What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • Make policy makers and institutions aware of the advantages of free knowledge.
Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  • We got good contacts with people at The Swedish National Council of Adult Education.
Activities conducted.
  • We attended a conference for Folkbildningskonferens.
  • We attended an Open Access seminar to get to know the people driving these questions in Sweden.
What worked and what did not?

Any additional details:

Lessons learned

Lessons from this month

A key objective of the funding is to enable the movement as a whole to understand how to achieve shared goals better and faster. An important way of doing this is to identify lessons learned from entities who receive funds, and to share these lessons across the movement. The purpose of this section is to elicit some of these insights, which will be shared throughout the movement. Please answer the following questions in 1–2 paragraphs each.

What were your major accomplishments in the past month, and how did you help to achieve movement goals?

  • Launching the Swedish Wikimini. It helps another age group participate in the creation of knowledge.

What were your major setbacks in the past month (e.g., programs that were not successful)?

  • No major setbacks in October.

What factors (organizational, environmental) enabled your success?

  • Staff that are well coordinated.

What unanticipated challenges did you encounter and how did this affect what you were able to accomplish?

  • No unanticipated challenges in October.

What changes might you make in executing your initiatives into the next month?

  • No significant changes are planned for November.

Additional information

Provide any other relevant information that may be helpful or relevant for the FDC (e.g., links to any media coverage, blog posts, more detailed reports, more detailed financial information).

  • Blog posts in October: 4
  • Board meeting: minutes (in Swedish).
  • Language courses in our conference room.
  • Hire new Education manager, starts in January.
  • We partook in an interview about how the digitization are changing the society and how Wikimedia fits into that.
Sample pictures and movies from October.


Is your organization compliant with the terms outlined in the grant agreement?

As required in the grant agreement, please report any deviations from your grant proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

  • Yes.

Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Grant funds as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

  • Yes.


Once complete, please sign below with the usual four tildes.