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This page explains the reimbursement routines for volunteers and staff, as well as receipt handling routines for staff who have been given a payment card by Wikimedia Sverige.

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Volunteers' expenses

If you are a volunteer and have had expenses which Wikimedia Sverige are going to reimburse you for, you can request the reimbursement by filling in the reimbursement form (called a REB) and give it to us along with the receipts for the expenses. Each request for reimbursement must be proceeded by an approved application – you will write the name of the application in the REB. Wikimedia Sverige needs to get the original receipts for our accounting. This means that if you have received a receipt digitally, for example if you have booked a train ticket, you need to send us the digital receipt.

Digital receipts

  1. Fill in the reimbursement form (the REB). You can download it here.
  2. Save the REB as a PDF and e-mail it and your receipts to
    1. If you have receipts that are PDFs, you attach them in the same e-mail as the REB.
    2. If you have receipts which are written in an e-mail, you forward the e-mails separately. Write in the forwarded e-mail that it belongs to the REB.

Paper receipts

  1. Fill in the reimbursement form (the REB). You can download it here.
  2. Use a paper clip to secure your receipts to the REB. (You don't need to tape each receipt to a paper, it's enough to send them along with the REB.)
  3. Visit Wikimedia Sverige's office and hand over your REB and the receipts, or mail it to:
    Wikimedia Sverige
    c/o Norrsken House
    Birger Jarlsgatan 57C
    113 56 Stockholm

Both digital receipts and paper receipts

Fill in two REB's, one for the digital receipts and one for the paper receipts.

Staff expenses

As an employee at Wikimedia Sverige, you can be given a payment card to use for expenses. If you use this, you don't need to fill out a REB, but you do need to hand in receipts for each purchase made with the card. Manage the receipts according to the instructions below. If you have expenses that you have paid for with your personal payment card or with cash, you need to fill out a REB and hand it in along with the receipts. You can download it here.

Digital receipts

Forward the receipt(s) to including information regarding what the expenses applies to and within which project they were made.

Paper receipts

  1. Tape the receipt to an A4-paper.
  2. Write your name, what the expense is for and within what project it has been on the paper.
  3. Mail the paper to the Wikimedia Sverige office or put it in the organisational assistant's mailbox.

Currency conversion

If the receipts for your purchase is in another currency than Swedish krona (for example if you have made the purchase abroad) you need to convert it to Swedish krona. Use the exchange rate for the day you made the purchase. Here is an example of a currency converter you can use to find the exchange rate for different dates:

Requirements for the receipts

  • You need to hand in the original receipts, a copy will not suffice.
  • If the receipt is for a meal, make a note of the purpose of the occasion on the back of the receipt, including the names of those who ate. If the meal was for several people you can write the information on a separate paper instead of on the back of the receipt.
  • A confirmation of completed payment from a card reader is not a receipt (it usually says "ej kvitto på köp", i.e. "not a receipt" in red in the margin of these).
  • An order confirmation is not a receipt.

Important dates

  • Hand in your receipts as soon as possible, within a month at the latest.
  • The turnaround for expenses is normally no longer than two weeks.
  • Receipts for expenses made during the year should be handed in no later than December 31.