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Out of six submissions to the challenge, three were found to be qualified at the time the challenge ended. These were Wikidata Topicmaps UI, Wikidata Spiral and ViziData. Overall, the jury is impressed with the high quality of the submissions and believe they all can be of great use for people who want to explore Wikidata.

The jury has decided to give the first prize Vizidata. Runner up are Wikidata Spiral and Wikidata Topicmaps UI comes in at third place.

Vizidata will continue to compete for the Nordic Innovation Prize and for the Award for best use of open geodata, besides earning the swag of a Wikidata t-shirt, Wikipedia coffee mug, Wikidata decals and badges as well as Wikipedia decals and pencils.

Wikidata Spiral and Wikidata Topicmaps UI will both be sent Wikipedia coffee mug, Wikidata decals and badges as well as Wikipedia decals and pencils.

Jury Comments


Georg Wild with ViziData, a map based visualization for tempo-spacial (and other) data. Datasets extracted from Wikidata with Wikidata Toolkit.

The jury thought this visualization had both a great idea and completion. The level of controls and filters makes it easy to discover things and fun to explore. It is impressive how much data is being crunched and the chosen way of visualizing it makes a lot of sense. It is easy to imagine how new data and filtering could be added too, which is very nice.

Room for improvements

The underlying map is a bit cluttered and that detail does not add value for the data presented. Some controls are somewhat hard to use. The progress bar for loading is quite unintuitive and could be made clearer. Some filters would be helpful (region, time frame etc.)

Wikidata Spiral

Drini Cami (i.e. Hardwigg) with Wikidata Spiral. The submission requirements can be found here, and the app itself here.

A very nice completion of the infoviz. A big plus for its customisability through the URL. However the spiral model itself is perhaps not the most intuitive way to show of the data, it is a bit unclear on how much there is “left” of the spiral.

Room for improvements

A way to show the user how much data there is on each level could be considered.

Wikidata Topicmaps UI

Malte Reißig with the Wikidata Topicmaps UI, Integrating wikidata and Wikimedia Commons into Topicmaps, please find all submission details here

The jury find this idea to be interesting and promising but that the interface were hard to grasp. It can probably be a powerful tool for a trained user but as an infoviz for an average user the threshold of learning was too big.

Room for improvements

Simplify navigation.