Projekt:Botacademy 2015/AWB demo

Från Wikimedia
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Script for demoing AWB. The page to modify was [1]
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Show bottom right corner: sv.wikipedia, username, not bot

Left pane is where you see the list of pages to process
Middle pane is where you set the tasks
The right pane is where you see the changes and confirm
Top pane is where the article appears

Click through the tabs in the middle pane commenting.
Pay special attention to the bot tab

Task 1

Replace color by colour in all pages edited by "André Costa (WMSE)"
User contribs - André Costa (WMSE)
Sort and filter (user-namespace only)
Find and replace: simple
Skip once... ok that is annoying
Options tab: skip if no replacement
ok start again
A hit, replace
Hum maybe not replace this one...

What this should also illustrate is how bots can cause harm. One editor changing from American to English spelling isn't such a big deal. A bot doing it would likely cause a full blow edit war (well maybe not on sv.wp).

Ok lets try something with regexp...

Task 2

Replace all by But only if there is a link text.
Text file (UTF-8): AWB-input
So this input file could have been constructed using any other tool or script
Remove the previous search and replace
In advanced:
Find: \[(http|https):\/\/ ([^\]]*)\]
Replace: $2
Also in skip: Doesn't contain ""
run. Replace on userpage

Show log

All skipped pages. All hits.
Can easily use the logs to process pages with a second step. Or filter on reason to run again or export.
E.g. One page didn't contain so maybe there is a bug in whatever method I used to generate my list.

You can also use this as a method of analysing pages. Skip for a specific reason and a general. Then filter all specifically skipped to process them again.