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Together with Axel Pettersson, who recently was hired by WMSE to work on GLAM projects in Sweden, I am working on two possible concepts for editathons in Sweden that will take place later this year:

  • The first concept being a cooperation with the Army Museum in Stockholm. They have a permanent exhibition about the WWI and Sweden. The Army Museum is part of an established cooperation between WMSE and the Council of the Swedish Central Museums. However, the Army Museum has not asked for an editathon to be part of the cooperation so far, but we will suggest this to them and see if they would like to work on this. An idea is to do the editathon during Sunday the 11th of November (as WWI ended that date). For this we could use the material from the Europeana 1914-1918 collections as an integrated part of the editathon.
  • The second concept is an editathon and a photo scavenger hunt organized in cooperation with the Nordiska museet or Livrustkammaren who both are part of the Council of the Swedish Central Museums (mentioned above) with fashion as the theme (both of the museums have exhibits with old clothing). We are hoping to attract a more diverse group of editors through this theme (we have bad coverage on fashion on Wikipedia and also a low percentage of female editors. Topics such as this could help to change these problems). During the photo scavenger hunt pictures would be taken of the fashion items. During the editathon we would help the participants to put in all the metadata and upload it and then write about the items on Wikipedia.

Potential partners are Europeana Fashion (that could talk as a guest speaker to introduce the topic and talk about their work, possibly done by Marco Rendina); Swedish fashion bloggers (see our list; Stockholm University and their classes in fashion studies; the Design High School in Sikla, Stockholm; the Höskolan i Borås; and possibly with the organizers of Stockholm Fashion Week.

As this to a large extent would be directed towards new contributors we have been talking about the possibility to advertise online on some blogs, fashion pages etc. Hopefully this will however be spread amongst fashion bloggers without the need to pay them, but as many of them are managing their own companies we cannot be sure about them helping out for free and it would be good to have a small budget for this (500 euros or something). Also, at the schools mentioned above we would preferably put up some posters and perhaps hand out some flyers etc. which will cost a little bit of money to get them printed.