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Currently a possible structure (layout, rules etc.) is being created. The basic idea with the event is that it will focus on creating interesting tools for presenting or increase end user interactions by mashing Europeana’s and Wikimedia’s datasets together. Through the hackathon we hope that the developers will start to think about Europeana and what they could do with the open licensed data. The prototypes created will show GLAM institutions what can be done with the help of volunteers and the benefit with open data. It should also generate a few blogposts and hopefully also be picked up by the media.

If you know someone that you think would like to participate, please tell them to sign up!

Event Details

GLAMhack is a hackathon organized by (Wikimedia Deutschland), Wikimedia Sweden and the Europeana Foundation in association with XXXXX who kindly has provided the venues. The hackathon will be held in Berlin between the 15-16 of November and will create the possibility for skilled hackers and free knowledge enthusiast to show what great tools that can come out from open cultural data released in Germany.

The hackathon will bring together around 20 developers from Germany and internationally. The developers will have access to Europeana's fantastic collections of records from Germany that is available under a CC0 license and the data from Wikimedia Foundation's different projects that mostly are available under a CC-BY-SA license.

The goal is that the developers will try out new ideas how these datasets can be combined in order to create an increased value either for the GLAMs and/or for Wikimedia, new tools for the volunteers or for the broad public.

Developers wishing to attend must register in advance and by ZZ MONTH and organizers will decide on the final delegate list and send a confirmation letter to the selected ones the YY MONTH along with further details. Attendees will be selected to ensure an appropriate coverage of sectors, skills and interest in development themes.

The hackathon will take place in the ????, in Berlin, Germany.

Development themes

Development themes to consider for this event include:

  • Open Data/Content/Communities: Mashups of Europeana metadata from German providers, with Wikipedia/Wikimedia resources and content, data from OpenStreetMap, Projekt Runeberg and other open data providers. 
  • Mobile, including Augmented Reality: Mobile services that are building on the Europeana API, such as packaging and conceptualizations of content, mash-ups with check-in services, augmented reality overlays, support for mobile upload to Wikimedia that control/compare/connect the uploaded media to Europeana's metadata etc. 
  • Improving existing GLAM-tools: all existing tools and prototypes that could help Europeana's and Wikimedia's work with getting museums to upload their collections could be worked on during the hackathon to make everything work smoother. Basically every tool that could help us to get metadata/information/media that could be combined with Europeana's material. Please have a look at the (GIT repository???).
  • Structured/semantic data: Building and exploiting structured/semantic data together with WikiData and Dbpedia.

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