Projekt:Europeana Awareness 2012/Ledningsrapport 2013-05

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Utförda aktiviteter Progress mot mål Dragna erfarenheter KOSTNAD – Budget, Aktuell & Prognos uppföljning kr
  • Wiki Loves Public Art
  • Wikimedia Hackathon Amsterdam 2013
  • Wiki Loves Public Art
    • Participants in all five countries: 225 participants (at least 129 of the users (or 57.33%) were registered during the contest).
      • Participants from Sweden: 25. In Sweden there were a lot of people that participated in the events and visited the museums but did not upload images in time. For example¸ on the weekend on the 22nd-23rd May a total of 19 people visited Skoklosters slott and told the museum staff that they came as part of WLPA, however only one uploaded images during the actual contest. Hopefully they will upload their images later on outside of the contest.
    • Five different photo safaris and wiki meet-ups were organized in Stockholm and Gothenburg as part of the contest. They had a total of circa 30 participants all in all (i.e. around 20 different persons). Around ten of them had not taken part in any event organized by WMSE prior to this.
    • External communication: Up until the 14 May 2013 there were 17 news reports and blog posts about Wiki Loves Public Art, but there have been more mentions since then. They will be listed on Wikimedia Commons. A couple of press releases will also be sent out in June about the end of the contest and the winner.
    • There were also four blog posts published on and six blog posts on about the event.
    • 9,250 photos were uploaded as part of the contest of 2,155 different objects; this is a result that we are very happy with as we covered more than 73 percent of all the objects listed for the contest (Sweden is here excluded as we did not have lists this year)!
    • All the infrastructure for the contest on Wikimedia Commons and the ToolServer were finalized at the end of April/beginning of May (database, lists, templates etc.). WMAT helped with creating a statistic page for the contest on
  • Wikimedia Hackathon Amsterdam 2013
    • André Costa participated at the hackathon and worked on preparing the Open Database of Public Art in Sweden (ÖDOK) for WLPA 2014. Together with Maarten Dammers he also bug fixed a tool for uploading images from Europeana, named "Europeana search tool query" that has been very helpful for preparing for the upcoming edit-a-thons in June. During the hackathon André had good opportunities to network and informed other developers about the WLPA contest.
  • Some Lessons learned have already been listed here. (Do note that the list is still under construction).
  • The other teams will also be able to add their experiences on Commons.
  • We have also prepared a Participants' Survey that is about to get translated and delivered to all the participants.
  • Budget 421,200 kronor, of which circa 6,800 euros is for the events and 3,100 euros for trips.
  • Aktuell 232,733.50 kr varav 11,053.28 kr icke-personalkostnader.
  • Prognos 421,200 kronor, of which circa 6,800 euros is for the events and 3,100 euros for trips.

We might underspend on the events as we have managed to keep the cost down a lot on the planned events through close cooperations with other organizations.

Aktuella huvudsakliga RISKER Öppna huvudsakliga PROBLEM OMFATTNING – Aktuella förslag till förändringar
  • In Sweden there were sadly no images from three of the participating museums (from Skissernas museum, from Världskulturmuseet in Gothenburg and from Norrköpings konstmuseum). An excuse/explanation email will be sent trying to keep them interested in participating next year.
  • There were a large delay before the CentralNotice was activated properly by the admins on Meta. The first two weeks it was not activated for users that were not logged in. As there was a substantial increase from the day CentralNotice was activated for non-logged in users this is something that potentially could have changed the amount of participants quite a lot.