Projekt:Europeana Awareness 2012/Ledningsrapport 2013-08

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Status per 2013-08-19 STATUS:
STATUS orsak
Utförda aktiviteter Progress mot mål Dragna erfarenheter KOSTNAD – Budget, Aktuell & Prognos uppföljning kr
  • A “Collection Days” edit-a-thon was organized in Warsaw, Poland in cooperation with Wikimedia Polska and Europeana.
  • At the end of June a series of parallel edit-a-thons were organized in seven countries with our help and involvement. All focused on using Europeana material while writing articles about WWI. It was coordinated through emails and on the event page on Meta. (Fun facts: it turned out to be the biggest edit-a-thon in Serbia to date and the events spurred media attention in a few of the countries!)
  • A Participants' Survey was created and translated and delivered to the user talk pages of all the participants in WLPA.
  • The winners for WLPA in both Sweden and internationally were identified and prizes have been prepared.
  • Participation at Wikimania 2013:
    • Two scheduled presentations were given at Wikimania (1 and 2).
    • After a request from the moderators John lead a group in the Future of Wiki Loves Monument workshop at Wikimania focusing on Wiki Loves Public Art as a continuation of the Wiki Loves Monuments contest.
    • A concrete outcome from the event was that four new countries stated that they would like to participate in the WLPA photo contest (Venezuela, Switzerland, South Africa, the Netherlands and, through the commitment from a volunteer based in Switzerland, there might also be one or a few African countries that will have the contest organized); also the Indian chapter confirmed their interest to participate. Also, a number of people approached us and asked about coming events for next year in line with the Fashion edit-a-thon and the WWI edit-a-thons.
    • John and André had a talk with WMF's legal team about the continuation of the contest and they stated that from their point of view this should not be a problem.
    • Wiki Loves Public Art was short listed as one of the coolest new projects within the movement since last Wikimania.
  • Events: We have now surpassed the expected number of six events within the scope of the project and have in total organized 16 events so far.
  • Events: Wikimania was our main event for the project and hence that part of the Description of Work has now been fulfilled.
  • External communication: There were four blog posts published on Wikimedia Foundation's blog about the project ([1], [2], [3], [4]. Two posts were also published on Wikimedia Sverige's blog.
  • The parallel edit-a-thons were received very positively and there have been requests that we organize something similar also in 2014 when the centenary of WWI is.
  • WLPA was very well received and there was a lot of interest from the community at Wikimania. It seem like the contest can be substantially scaled up for next year.
  • Budget 421 200 kronor,
  • Aktuell 312 227.69
  • Prognos 421 200 kronor, cirka 2 800 euro kvar för material/eventkostnader (efter WLPA- och WWI-priser), cirka 1 900 euro kvar i resebudget (efter Wikimania)

We might underspend on the events as we have managed to keep the cost down a lot on the planned events through close cooperations with other organizations.

Aktuella huvudsakliga RISKER Öppna huvudsakliga PROBLEM OMFATTNING – Aktuella förslag till förändringar
  • We have under spent for the events so far.
  • There need to be a declaration of interest from the board of the continuation of WLPA so that we can spend some of the remaining project time on the preparations for next year's contest and also for PR and information material etc.
    • A law firm should be contacted to investigate some unclarities (however, the remaining project budget cannot directly fund it as it was not included in the budget).
  • We are planing to organize a follow-up on the Fashion edit-a-thon together with Europeana Fashion, Europeana, Nordiska museet and Stockholm University.
  • Possible participation and presentations about the project at a conference in Germany and one in Poland.