Projekt:Europeana Awareness 2012/Ledningsrapport 2013-10

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Status per 2013-10-10 STATUS:
STATUS orsak
Utförda aktiviteter Progress mot mål Dragna erfarenheter KOSTNAD – Budget, Aktuell & Prognos uppföljning kr
  • Events: We have now surpassed the expected number of six events within the scope of the project and have in total organized 16 events so far.
  • Events: Wikimania was our main event for the project and hence that part of the Description of Work has now been fulfilled.
  • External communication:
  • We are organizing a follow-up on the Fashion edit-a-thon together with Europeana Fashion, Europeana, Nordiska museet and Stockholm University that will take place on the 12 November. There will be two other fashion edit-a-thons organized in parallel in Italy and Israel. They will most likely be connected by a international contest (see here). Nordiska museet will donate 28 images of shoes in preparation for the event.
  • We might organize an edit-a-thon with some of the Nordic chapters and WMDE on a ferry between Norway and Germany. Still early in the planning. Four more are in the planning process (including the two presentations)
  • A presentations about the project has been accepted at a GLAM-Wiki conference in Warsaw, Poland in October (with a full scholarship).
  • John will lead a workshop at the Diversity Conference in Berlin on the 10 November sharing some experiences gather during the last year.
  • Some information material will be purchased as part of the project to replace some that have been handed out during the year.
  • Budget 421 200 kronor,
  • Aktuell 341 562.96 kronor
  • Prognos 421 200 kronor, cirka 2 800 euro kvar för material/eventkostnader (efter WLPA- och WWI-priser), cirka 1 900 euro kvar i resebudget (efter Wikimania)
Aktuella huvudsakliga RISKER Öppna huvudsakliga PROBLEM OMFATTNING – Aktuella förslag till förändringar