Projekt:Europeana Awareness 2012/Mailkontakt med Leuven University Library

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1 John Andersson (WMSE) 2012-05-21 Hallo. My name is John Andersson and I am one of the organizers of an event called "Europeana meets World War I Edit-a-thon". The Edit-a-thon is co-organized by Europeana Foundation and Wikimedia Sweden and will take place between the 13th and the 15th of June in the 'Jaartallen' room, in the Salons Georges venue. An Edit-a-thon is an event during which a number of people meet up at a location and write about a specific topic and add their texts on Wikipedia. This Edit-a-thon will be organized in parallel with the Europeana Plenary that will take place in Leuven and the theme of the Edit-a-thon is World War I. I am writing to you to ask if it would be possible for us to loan some literature about WWI from the university library specifically for the event? How could we most easily organize this? Literature both in English, French and Dutch would be of interest and possibly also a short term access to any suitable article database. Any suggestions on suitable literature from you would be very welcome and we could also send you a few suggestions of books that we would like to loan at a later time. We would need the literature only during the three days that the event takes place and of course we would take good care of it! Sincerely, John Andersson [Contact details] PS. To make our work as open and transparent as possible we will publish this email and your answer on Wikimedia Sweden's wiki, on