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To organize the Wiki Loves Public Art contest we need National Coordinators to help us. Please take a minute and read through the table to get a feeling what it is all about. If you are interested in working with this, please sign up on the list below! To have an idea about when things should be done, have a look at the preliminary schedule at Commons:Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2013/Timeline.

List of National Coordinators

User name Email (use (at) to avoid spam) Country Comments
John Andersson (WMSE) john.andersson(at) Globally I will help out wherever I can. Looking forward to this!
Regiomontanus beppo.stuhl(at) Austria It's experiment and experience!
ArildV Sweden Will initially be the National Coordinator for Sweden and help getting it of the ground.

Description of Tasks

A National Coordinator will: Description of tasks
1 See through that we get data for the contest (i.e. databases of artworks outdoor in the public space). The database is needed for us to be able to use all cool tools developed for WLM and to make it as easy as possible for participants to upload their pictures. Please see here for a list of parameters that we will harvest for the database. Before the end of March 2013 we will be able to send you a standard template that you can translate and use for generating your lists.
A standardised template can now be found at this page. If you have any questions regarding the templates don't hesitate to ask.
2 Take the lead in structuring the national (or regional contest) so that it can run smoothly. This is based on what data material you get access to. The task includes organizing discussions on the scope of the contest and the rules. As the legislation and the available data differ between different countries it is impossible to have the exact rules in every country. The international organizers are happy to discuss this with you. Remember that the goal here is to get as many freely licensed high quality pictures as possible and get more people interested in contributing. The contest is just a way to get there and the structure of it should reflect that.
3 Be in charge of finding volunteers to help out with the different tasks. You have better contact with the people in you language community and know who to contact if you want things done, who have the right knowledge and the right interest. The more you can delegate to other volunteers, the better. Adjust your goals and the size of the event depending on how many people are actively involved.
4 Finding strategic partners (for example GLAMs or national/regional institutions). You have a better chance of identifying the national institutions that are suitable to work with and can contact people in their mother tongue. They can help promote the contest and lend their name to it, reach out about the contest to a lot of people through their communication channels and possibly help with practical issues or sponsoring a prize. They are often the same ones that have the databases that we will need.
5 Finding a national jury. A jury that can decide which pictures that should be forwarded to the international contest is needed; and possibly one jury member for the international jury has to be identified.
6 Finding sponsors for the prize(s) in the national contest and other side events. The sponsor could of course be your local chapter, but it is always nice if more organizations/companies get involved and new cooperations form thanks to this.
7 Work actively with communication and setting up a national website. We need to reach out with information in your language and for this press releases, blog posts, localized banners on Wikipedia, local websites and other form of communication efforts needs to be coordinated. The website should have all the necessary information about the contest. We can help buying the domain for you if you don't have a chapter willing to help you with that (i.e. wikilovespublicart.tld). To make your work easier we encourage you to use the international website as a base for your national website (information how to do it can be found here).
8 Keep the international coordinator (John Andersson[1]) informed about the process so that he can support you when needed and help sharing best practices between the participating countries. He can also facilitate contacts with Europeana who has a lot of international partners that possibly could help us in getting the data we need for the contest. This include some kind of regular updates, perhaps biweekly or monthly, in English or Swedish. Please also sign up for the to participate in discussions and receive news.
9 Organize support events to make the most out of the WLPA contest If time permits it is great if events that will support the photo contest will be organized, for example:

Other roles

If you are not interested in being a National Coordinator, but would be interested to organize the contest for a region, or a city. We urge you to sign up on the list as a Regional Coordinator or City Coordinator and we can discuss how we should do that (pros and cons). Some of the tasks of course by necessity be the same non-regarding the size of the geographical area (you still need rules, a website etc.) while a more limited project like this in some cases will reduce the work (you need to get your hand on and process smaller amounts of data and so forth). Of course you can always scale up if you would like to later on :). It would be cool if we at least can have a pilot taking place and testing out the concept in as many countries as possible. Also, there is nothing stopping more than one person from being a national coordinator, in fact it could be beneficial sharing the responsibility for that.

For a preliminary schedule on when the tasks ideally should be completed, see Commons:Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2013/Timeline (and yes, like everything in the contest it is possible to discuss and adjust most of tasks on the schedule so that it works for your country/region/city). If you are not really interested in organizing anything, but have some other skill that you posses and would like to help out making this successful (web design, communications, programming, design work or outreach, just to mention a few), please sign up as well!

User name Email (use (at) to avoid spam) What's your skill? Country / Online Comments


  1. John is working for WMSE as Project leader for the Europeana Awareness project.