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Here we should outline and discuss the rules for the contest.


Europeana defines public art as "sculptures, monuments mosaics, mural paintings, memorials and place specific installments in the public space". But many questions still need an answer and we should discuss them on the discussion page. Questions include:

  1. If an artwork is integrated part of a monument, should it be included in the competition? Or should it be viewed as a detail that falls within Wiki Loves Monuments?
  2. If the artwork hangs within a public building that could be closed off, should it be included in the competition?
  3. Other questions?

Rules (copied from Wiki Loves Monuments "Contest")

The rules below have been copied from WLM's website. Should they be altered somehow or are they a perfect fit also for us?

"There are a few rules for photos to participate in the European contest. Most of these rules are also adopted as rules for participation on a national level. Every submission should be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded
  • Uploaded in May 2013
  • Freely licensed
  • Contain an identified monument
  • Nominated through a national contest

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:

  • The participant should have an activated e-mail address on the upload platform
  • The first winner will get to choose the first prize etc.

If necessary, the rules can be adapted via the international coordinators.

Special categories

Besides the regular contest, there are may be special categories – with their own award and jury. Besides that, the normal rules apply."

For the national contest it is possible to include pictures of artworks that are not listed in the database, as long as they have some metadata making them identifiable (such as the artist's name and the name of the artwork) so that they can be cross referenced with databases of artworks that are added later on. For the picture to be included in the contest it should however be categorized (by adding a template) as such.