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Resa: 2016-33
John Cummings (Unesco), är konsult i projektet (id: ) Wikimania 2016, nätverkande, diskussioner om tekniska frågor samt organisera ett Data import meetup.
Beslut: 2016-05-13 Anna Troberg (WMSE) (diskussion) 2 juni 2016 kl. 14.06 (CEST)Svara[svara]
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2016-06-21 flyg kl., 0 timmar
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2016-06-29 flyg kl., 0 timmar
2016-06-22 – 2016-06-28

Reser med Axel, André, Anna, Sara, John A

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Preliminär Budget: 7 000 kr Kostnadsställe/Projekt: 3102
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Deltagande, mat och boende samt transfer: 5 000 SEK (525 euro).
Flyg: ca 2 000 SEK
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I ran the Wikidata meetup at Wikimania to outline issues with importing content and find people interested in working with us (link to notes and attendees on etherpad from here).

Outlined and explored issues with importing data into Wikidata with the aim of making it easier for us to import data and for volunteers to contribute towards the project. Many of these ideas are now in a draft Dataset import hub and data import guide.

Made contact with a WLM organiser in Iraq who may be able to help us .

Shared KOK with many people from chapters around the world including Katherine Maher.

Made contacts to fix technical issues with open license text import template which has now been solved. This template will allow us to add open license descriptions of sites to Wikipedia either as new articles or to improve existing ones. It works with both Source Editor and Visual Editor.

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