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Summary of activities and results of WMSE’s participation in Wikimaps Nordic

Previous reports

The main documents for results/activities are:


Most (but not all) of the National Library maps were uploaded as part of Wikimaps. These are the 53 images which the project can claim.

From Umeå we got roughly 25 maps. The roughly comes from some of the files being DjVu with multiple maps.

There is also the following category which should collect all of the files uploaded via Wikimaps Nordic.

In addition to this Riksarkivet finally concluded that they could release their gis data about historical administrative borders under an open license. A zipped version of the data (with documentation) is available at Fil:Sweden_GIS_files_(regterra).zip

From the Wikimaps hackathon we also got an improved collaboration with Mapillary. The resulting uploads totals 209 images (not maps). Additionally sharing to Wikimedia Commons is now directly integrated in Mapillary.


During the project we worked with the following organisations:

  • Lantmäteriet
  • Riksarkivet
  • Kungliga Biblioteket
  • Stadsarkivet Umeå
  • Umeå kommun
  • Mapillary

In addition to these various other GLAM institutions were involved in our outreach activities.



  • Developed a new map template on Commons
  • Developed a basic gadget for sending maps to the warper
  • Enabling uploads directly from Mapillary to Wikimedia Commons
  • Enabling Kungliga Biblioteket to make an initial set of maps available on Wikimedia Commons
  • Provided feedback and assistance with the map warper and it’s integration with Wikimedia Commons


  • Participation at the Hackathon and Kick-off events
  • Participation at the monthly meetings
  • Participated at the Zürich WIkimedia Hackathon to share information about Wikimaps and try to involve more volunteers.


Throughout all of our contacts with GLAM institutions in Sweden we have brought up historical maps as one type of content which is extra interesting and presented the work on Wikimaps as a case study for how this type of material can be enriched once it is made free.

  • Investigating the availability of old digitised maps of Umeå in the archives of Lantmäteriet and uploading the results to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Discussions with Lantmäteriet about their policy and licensing of historical maps
  • Discussions with Kungliga Biblioteket about using maps as their first release of high resolution material to Wikimedia Commons
  • Discussions with Riksarkivet about their various map materials and the need for clear licensing in order for downstream usage.

People involved

The main people involved in the project from WMSE were:

  • André Costa
  • Jan Ainali
  • John Andersson
  • Axel Pettersson (GLAM outreach)

In addition to this we also estimate that 50 people from various other GLAM-institutions and partners were involved either directly or through our outreach efforts.