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Two day workshop for educators

The first day of each workshop will provide an introduction to Wikipedia and the basics of editing and assessing content. The second day, focuses on the Wikipedia Education Program and how to crete meaningul assignment for students to edit Wikipedia and share their knowledge. Participants can choose to attend one or both days of each workshop. To attend day 2, it is necessary to have the skills from day 1 (from this or earlier Wikipedia workshops).

Day 1: Workshop will cover

  • the policies guiding reliability and scope of Wikipedia content
  • the culture of the Wikipedia editing community
  • how to assess the quality of Wikipedia content
  • how to edit Wikipedia content
  • how to collaborate on Wikipedia

Day 2: Workshop will cover

  • the resources of the Wikipedia Education Program
  • how to identify the gaps of Wikipedia with a topic inventory
  • best practice for creating student assignments
  • managing students in the course page extension on Wikipedia.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshops are primarily intended for educators who would like to learn how to assign students to edit Wikipedia; for examination or otherwise. To do this, teachers first have to get to know how Wikipedia works and learn to edit and write for Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Education Program has been running since 2011 (?) and is especially helpful when thinking about how technology can be introduced into academic settings and empower students to think cricitally and collaborate on knowledge sharing.[1]


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