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If you couldn't participate

André Costa (WMSE) (diskussionbidrag)
Sadly we did not have the opportunity to stream or record the event but I've tried to compensate for this by putting more detailed information online.

The main programme for the event is available at our chapter wiki [1]. From here I've linked to the presentations and the script I worked through for the demos. The main presentation is either available as a pdf from our chapter wiki [2] or there is a version with quite explicit speaker notes available through [3] (Google docs via I've added plenty of links to the presentation in order to simplify it's use outside of the event.

Finally there are some images from the event as well as the illustrations used for the OpenBadges which were awarded over at Commons [4].

I hope the material will come to use. If there is something specific which you feel is missing then let me know and I'll see if I can add that to the documentation. Hopefully there will be a possibility of organising another BotAcademy again next year.

Best regards,

André Costa





Tobias1984 (diskussionbidrag)
André Costa (WMSE) (diskussionbidrag)

Thanks for the tip. I will take a look and see if I figure anything out.

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