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The annual Wikimedia Hackathon is scheduled for 19-21 May 2023 in Greece. A couple of us are lucky to attend on-site, while a lot would be joining online. We were thinking of running a pre-hackathon workshop in Stockholm to bring together local wiki volunteers and developers to gather ideas and even, get a bit of hands on hacking done before the hackathon. The hackathon itself has been remote since 2021 due to the pandemic.

Syfte och mål

The aim is to bring together stakeholders and developers in and around Stockholm to:

  • Connect and capture ideas from stakeholders to hack on during the main hackathon.
  • Setup Mediawiki and other software necessary to hack on during the main hackathon. Things have changed a lot since 2021 (the last on-site hackathon was in 2020), and this would be a great time to catch up.

A couple of these can be measured:

  • 1-3 ideas to hack on during the Wikimedia Hackathon 2023.
  • Developers who wish to hack on Mediawiki and its extensions have the software running locally to hack, following the setup documentation.


I have been an active volunteer for MediaWiki and its extensions on Gerrit since 2013. However, I have recently slowed down in writing code for MediaWiki. My focus has mostly been on two extensions: Bouncehandler and the Newsletter extension. I have been residing in Stockholm since 2017, and it has been an exciting journey being a part of the MediaWiki community. I had also been part of (and ran) a couple of hackathons run by the Wikimedia community since 2015. --01tonythomas (diskussion) 22 april 2023 kl. 13.13 (CEST)[svara]

The following are active in the planning:

  • Eric Luth
  • Axel Pettersson
  • Tony Thomas

Please join the planning Telegram channel here.


We propose the 15th of May for the event, which is the same week as the real hackathon. We can start at 15:00 and stay till 21.00. We can start with some introductions, and then have a small brain storming session until dinner time. Later, in the evening we can get to setting up computers for local development, etc.

A couple of things have to be done beforehand:

  •   Create a facebook event, check translation.
  •   Fix catering
  •   Fix location; Conference room 4 at Norrsken House booked.


Resurser vi har

Stöd vi önskar

  • Social media reach to attract possible stakeholders/developers on a Weekend.
  • Location with internet
  • 2250 SEK in funds to arrange evening food (wraps/pizza for 15 participants, pp: 150 SEK)
  • Arrange Coffee/Fika
  • Order and deliver plockmat/wraps


Great initiative Tony! Grant approved with requested support and up to the requested sum for food based on number of participants. Planning will continue here and on telegram. /28 april 2023 kl. 10.40 (CEST)[svara]


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