Verksamhetsberättelse 2020/Story: Developing strategies for the future during a year when the world took a pause

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In this Story we are focusing on how Wikimedia Sverige took advantage of a very special year, when the amount of events and travels were reduced, to think long term and focus on strategic work in relation to global and local change.

What are our common visions? Where do we aim, as a movement and as an organization? These are questions that come to us from time to time. For Wikimedia Sverige, we had a strategy covering the years 2016-2020. When that time period was about to end, there was a need to take our strategic work further. Several influences came to affect this work. For one, we saw the new strategic recommendations from Wikimedia Foundation being formed. We also have the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that strive to unite the world in creating a better society for all, which we had as a theme during the international conference Wikimania 2019 we hosted in Stockholm.

The organization has developed a lot since the last four year strategy was adopted. We have built a stronger organization with more staff, recruited more association members and found strategies to engage and educate them. We have continuously worked to become a thematic hub for content partnerships over the last two years. The time was ripe to develop a strategy for the coming years.

An important aspect of forming a new strategy was the involvement of members in the process. The first decision in this process was made by the Wikimedia Sverige board, stating that the new strategy would be adopted by the members during the Annual meeting of 2021. Time and effort was also put into creating a process that would allow the members to contribute as much as possible.

During 2020, members could apply to be a part of strategic groups connected to the four strategic areas of the organization: Access, Use, Community and Enabling. During the fall, these groups were joined by board members and started to work together to form the focus of each strategic area. Just before Christmas, the groups handed in their suggestions for topics for the board to compose into a first draft. Throughout the year, the foundation was also laid to form the strategic work for how Wikimedia Sverige will work with volunteers and with education. Following the organizational strategy, a volunteer strategy and an educational strategy, respectively, will be formulated. The work started on these strategies during 2020, and will continue in 2021.

These four strategic documents will form a strong platform for Wikimedia Sverige to continue developing into an even stronger organization over years to come.