Annual Report 2022/Story: Wikimedia Sverige intensifies its sustainability work

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Det här är en översatt version av sidan Verksamhetsberättelse 2022/Story: Wikimedia Sverige utökar sitt hållbarhetsarbete. Översättningen är till 100 % färdig och uppdaterad.

In this story, we focus on how in 2022, Wikimedia Sverige has attempted to simultaneously make its negative climate impact clearer and strengthen partnerships to improve the Wikimedia platforms as a source of information about climate and the environment.

Sveriges kung öppnar konferensen Stockholm+50, där Wikimedia Sverige fått en exklusiv möjlighet att delta.

In 2022, Wikimedia Sverige has intensified its sustainability work with focus on climate. This applies in part to our collaborations and partnerships to spread knowledge about climate, the environment and global warming. It also partially applies to our work to make the our own climate impact as an organization more visible, and to highlight how the negative impact can be reduced and the positive impact strengthened.

In 2021, Wikimedia Sverige received assistance from the consulting firm Deloitte, who helped us on a pro bono basis to develop a method and a template for calculating the climate impact of our activities . This allowed Wikimedia Sverige to produce our first sustainability report for the General Annual Meeting in 2022. We could present the first application of the template to our members and discuss how it could be improved and taken further. In the fall of 2022, Wikimedia Sverige once again received support from Deloitte during their pro-bono event "Impact Day". Deloitte helped us improve our template and method in order to produce more accurate numbers. In late 2022, we worked on applying this template and method so that we could present a better report to the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

However, the work Wikimedia Sverige is doing also has a positive impact on climate. Through collaborations and partnerships, both in Sweden and globally, using Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as an educational resource, WMSE can make knowledge about climate more available and thereby contribute to the public getting better access to information on climate and environmental issues.

We intensified our work in this area in 2022. The association participated in UNEP's fiftieth anniversary celebration in Stockholm, Stockholm+50, where we made new contacts and learned new lessons. Early discussions have been held with organizations including the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and we have collaborated with, among others, the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO and the biosphere coordinator in order to improve access to knowledge about biosphere reserves. In addition, WMSE has has discussions with organizations such as the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), as well as the International Energy Council (IEA), about contributing with their expertise to the Wikimedia platforms. We've also done some practical work in this area.

Our work with content partnerships, with a particular focus on climate and the environment, as well as the work to make WMSE's negative climate impact clearer, will continue in 2023.