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Community support

  1. The chapter shall support active contributors with both expertise and other resources.
    1. Empower 50 "active editors" during the year by giving them access to expertise and other resources through various support opportunities.
    2. Educate "active" Wikimedians in bot handling so that they make their first 100 bot-flagged "productive edits" on, in total, at least 5 different language versions before the end of the year by arranging learning activities.
    3. Increase access to information of all resources made available on Wikimedia Commons or Wikidata by the chapter within one month after finished upload by announcing it on the Swedish Wikipedia (village pump or notice board).
  2. The chapter shall strive to get a more diversified[CS 1] userbase and inclusive climate with low thresholds for new contributors.
    1. To increase diversity, 20 "surviving editors" will be recruited through events aimed at those target groups during the year.
    2. As a strategy to make the climate on Swedish Wikipedia more inclusive, all "productive new editors" shall get an invite to the Teahouse within a week from their first "productive edit".
  3. The chapter shall strive to make communication in the community easier.
    1. To make communication easier, recurring[CS 2] offline meetings aimed at "active" contributors in five cities will be supported during the year.
    2. To make real life collaboration more frequent, 4 activities initiated by the community open to all Wikimedians including at least two persons will be supported during the year.
  4. The chapter shall support and encourage subject matter experts of different kinds to actively contribute to the projects.
    1. Establish contacts with 2 new groups of different subject matter experts that signs up on WikiProject pages during the year by doing outreach and themed edit-a-thons.
    2. Increase the reach of exisiting contacts to one related group each in the same subject matter that signs up on existing Wikiprojects[CS 3] during the year by maintaining relationships and doing themed edit-a-thons.
  1. Diversification here defined as:
    contributors whose native language are different than the 10 largest Wikipedias.
    contributors 60 years or older
  2. At least 4 times/year.
  3. GLAM, Mental health, Sustainable development, Women

Content liberation

  1. The chapter shall create and dissiminate information and knowledge about free licenses.
    1. Increase awareness of at least 30 content owners organisations about free licences by creating informational material in Swedish and distributing it during the year.
  2. The chapter shall influence agencies, public institutions and organisations so that they start using free licences.
    1. Encourage continued uploads from Swedish organisations that have done so previously so that 50% have done it again before the end of the year by continued engagement and strengthening of relationships.[1]
    2. Increase the use of free licenses of at least 5 organisations that have not done so earlier to use such before the end of the year by educating them and building relationships.
  3. The chapter shall give hands-on support to organisations that want to release their material under a free license.
    1. Empower staff in GLAM organisations, so that in a survey by the end of October 50% of the involved staff find the documentation for batchuploading helpful by developing the docmentation and educate the staff.
    2. Increase skills in the use of free licenses for content owning organisations so that, by the end of October, 90% of staff involved express they need less support in the future to release freely licensed material through one-on-one support and training.
    3. To get completed uploads to Wikimedia Commons from 3 GLAM institutions by the end of the year by providing hands-on support during the batch uploads.

Reach and readers

  1. The chapter shall strive for a positive attitude towards, and increased use of, the Wikimedia projects and free knowledge by doing PR and educate the public and potential users in Sweden.
    1. Increase reach about the Wikimedia projects by getting 50 new subscribers before the end of the year from the media to the newsletter by selectively promoting it.
    2. Increase reach to the public by increasing the number of proactive stories by 10% about the Wikimedia projects in media before the end of the year through increased use of press releases and by building relations with journalists.
    3. Increase reach to the public in 3 municipalities by deploying QR-pedia signs in collaboration with other organisations before the end of the year.
  2. The chapter shall strive to ensure that the projects give a great reader experience.
    1. Decrease faults in the software, having 100% of all discovered and verified bugs reported within a week.
    2. Provide easy reading and an updated interface for all readers in Swedish measured by that the number of untranslated strings for the software[2] will not be lower than 95% for more than a month and that all new extensions from the Wikimedia Foundation for common deployement never are hindered by untranslated strings by building a strong translator community through online and offline events.

Free knowledge in education

  1. The chapter shall strive to make research financed with public funding to be published under a free license.
    1. Increase researchers awareness of benefits with free licensing by contacting 50 researchers before the end of the year and promote good examples on how research under a free license has been reused.
  2. The chapter shall educate teachers to integrate Wikipedia into education, prominently by encouraging students to actively contribute.
    1. Educate future teachers in at least two teacher training colleges by getting Wikipedia studies integrated in courses before the end of the year.
    2. Increase contributions from University level courses with at least 5 productive edits each from at least 10 different courses during the year by educating and supporting motivated teaching staff.
    3. Expand network with 50 teachers before the end of the year by promoting good examples on how Wikipedia can be used in education.
    4. Increase contributions from primary school (year 7-9), secondary school and Swedish for immigrants with at least 1 productive edit each from 20 different classes during the year by leveraging a feedback system as motivational driver.[3]
  3. The chapter shall encourage the production of Open Educational Resources and support such efforts.
    1. Increase the body of available Open Educational Resources with 10 new resources before the end of the year through outreach both on events and online so that creators release their works as Open Educational Resources.
    2. Increase the activity of teachers in Open Educational Resources on Wikibooks and Wikiversity so that 100 new editors are created before the end of the year through outreach both on events and online.

Free knowledge awareness

  1. The chapter shall strive to get free knowledge and free licenses on the political agenda.
    1. Increase the number of relations with 5 new opinion leaders and decision makers before the end of the year by participating in related events.
    2. Strenghten the relations with 2 like minded organisations by collaborating on 1 project during the year.
    3. Increase the movements awareness of ongoing issues in EU by an impact matrix publicized on Meta before the end of March by collecting available information and analyzing it.
    4. Stregthen relationships with all 20 Swedish EU parlamentarians before the end of the year by having personal meetings with them.
    5. Diversify funding by mapping public sources and initiate contact with one of them before the end of the year by thorough investigation.
  2. The chapter shall influence the overarching agencies to encourage the use of Wikimedia projects in their areas.
    1. Increase the use of Wikimedia projects by getting 1 overarching agency[4] to actively encourage use of Wikimedia in a new way before the end of the year by engaging them and supplying them with relevant information.


  1. Only counting organisations that actually have more material to release. By material in this context we do not count writing articles.
  2. MediaWiki (core) and Extensions used by Wikimedia
  3. For primary schools, Wikimini will be promoted instead of Wikipedia.
  4. The Swedish National Agency for Education, The Swedish Research Council, The Swedish National Council of Adult Education or The Swedish Higher Education Authority