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The vision is divided by stakeholders, in no order of priority. When these are fulfilled we are "done" with our vision.


  • Everybody requests and understands the value of free and accessible knowledge.
  • All users can find relevant information quickly and without effort.


  • A sufficiently large and healthy community interacting in a productive manner.
  • Everybody contributes to projects for free knowledge disregarding background, age or gender.
  • Everybody realizes that sharing knowledge is advantageous for everybody.

Contributors of content

  • All contributors of content release what they produce under a free license.
  • All educational content is easily accessible for free and in an open standard.

Teaching institutions

  • All teaching institutions embrace the concept of free knowledge.
  • The creation of new free knowledge is an integrated part of education and research.

Promoters of knowledge and education

  • The concept of free knowledge is so accepted that it does not need to be explained.
  • The boundaries between us and promoters of knowledge and education are erased and we are working together towards a shared goal.