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Wikimedia Sverige as presented in Berlin March 26

Below follows the content of the presentation of Wikimedia Sverige. The presentation was held in Berlin March 26 by user:Anna Bauer.

Basic facts

Activities of last year (April 2010–March 2011)

The list of activities (list in Swedish) is color coded according to five types of activities:

Below follows examples from the list:

Wikipedia centered events

Representation of Wikipedia on non-Wikipedia events

Internal organisation and development

  • Wikimania Gdańsk, Wikimania 2010.
  • Wikimedia Developers Workshop Berlin
  • WMF Chapters Meeting Berlin

Photo-hunts and wiki-meetups

Activities to promote and bring about image donations

The Nordic Museum is the first Swedish museum to release part of its collections to Wikimedia Commons. In June a workshop on Creative Commons licensing of photo collections was arranged by Wikimedia Sverige together with the Nordic Museum and Stockholm City Museum. In August Wikimedia Sweden together with the Nordic museum could announce a cooperation: The Nordic Museum is the first Swedish museum to release part of its collections, roughly 1000 images, to Wikimedia Commons.

The Mary Rose Trust is the first(?) Brittish organization to gives an image donation to Wikimedia Commons. Peter Isotalo, a member of Wikimedia Sverige, has been a driving force behind the donation which has been blogged about by both Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia Sverige.

The Bonnier Group released 27 photos of Swedish authors. A first contact and presentation of free licenses resulted in a release of 27 photos of Swedish authors.

Future plans

In general we continue as before. Se List of planned activities 2011. Some notable things:

  • We will not arrange a Wikipedia Academy but instead try out Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • We received a grant from .SE to finance a Wikipedian to carry out the projekt "Internet in Sweden". When we received the grant we searched for a "doer" on the Village pump. [
  • We are actively working to improve our donor and membership management. See CiviCRM request below:

CiviCRM cooperation to improve our donor and membership management

Encountered problem

  • Media stories on Wikipedia very often focuses on weaknesses even though most stories are cautiosly optimistic.
    • One example: A journalist in one of Swedens biggest newspapers claimed that WP is an experiment with facts after he was able to introduce false facts about himself. His methods and conclusions was challenged by our chairman Lennart Guldbrandsson in a Wikimedia Sverige blog reply. Other media followed up on the story. I would say it is not clear whether Wikipedia was harmed by or gained benefits by this affray.
  • It is not easy to attract new users.