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This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, June and July 2011. As always, summers in Sweden are generally quiet.

Board meeting

We had two board meetings, minutes available in Swedish. [1],[2]


Three board members and six other members attended Wikimania. Three of them got a partial scholarship from the chapter. Two talks were given by chapter members. [3],[4]

Upcoming in August

  • 27, Member meeting [5]


  • Swedish Wikipedia passed 400 000 articles. [6]
  • Finnish Wikisource passed 10 000 pages.


On the weekend 3-6 jun we had a booth on the LAN Birdie. [7]


Sponsored by Cloudberry (a Nordic council funded Creative Commons project) we made a photohunt in Norrtälje municipality.[8] Around 500 images is uploaded to commons as of now. [9]

The Nobel museum

We have initiated a cooperation with the Nobel museum and tarted with a backstag pass where 6 Wikipedians got access to the research library and curators.


We took part in the Europeana hackathon and integrated search results from Europeana in the Free Image Search Tool (FIST).[10] Videopresentation in English. [11]