Projekt:Europeana Awareness 2012/Fashion Edit-a-thon no. 2/Planning

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Goals for Stockholm

What? Amount?
Participants in total 30-40
Participanting GLAM professionals 10
Press mentionings 1
Blog posts (ours included) 5
New membership(s) in WMSE 1

To do until the 25th

What? Who does it?
Set up project page Wikimedia Sverige Fixat!
Set up contest page Wikimedia Sverige Fixat!
Confirm the venue Nordiska museet Fixat!
Order catering Nordiska museet Fixat!
Contact Stockholm University about their students Nordiska museet Fixat!
Contact the participants in the first edit-a-thon and ask them to participate Wikimedia Sverige
Get other GLAM staff to attend Wikimedia Sverige Fixat!
Identify images to upload from EF's portal Europeana Fashion
Upload images on Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Sverige/other involved chapters
Find Wikimedia volunteers Wikimedia Sverige
Draft Swedish press release Nordiska museet
Draft international press release Europeana & Europeana Fashion

Later things to do

What? Who does it?
Prepare goodie bags Wikimedia Sverige
Send out the Swedish press release Nordiska museet
Send out the international press release Europeana & Europeana Fashion
Control wifi and projector the day before Nordiska museet
Blog post(s) about the event All partners


What? Cost?
Venue Free
Catering 6 400 SEK (lunch and snacks)
Printed material/goodie bags 3 000 SEK
Price for the Challenge 2 000 SEK