Projekt:Europeana Awareness 2012/Ledningsrapport 2013-04

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Utförda aktiviteter Progress mot mål Dragna erfarenheter KOSTNAD – Budget, Aktuell & Prognos uppföljning kr
  • Digikult conference + hackathon in Gothenburg (event number three within our project)
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference in London (event number four within our project)
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013 hackathon in London (event number five within our project)
  • Digikult
    • Participants: 100 participants, including 4 participants in the hackathon (the hackathon was an integrated part of the ÖDOK project as well).
    • External communication: Two blog post and TV team interviewed the hackathon participants. The event information featured Wikimedia Sverige logotype.
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013
    • Participants: GLAM-WIKI 2013 had around 150 participants (the goal for the year is that 600 Wikip/medianer will participate at EA event + WLPA).
    • External communication: GLAM-WIKI 2013 was blogged about 15 times and John was interviewed by a journalist writing for the journal Museum Practice and the Museums Journal. The event information featured both Wikimedia Sverige's and Europeana's logotypes.
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013 hackathon
    • Participants: Unclear number. Out of the roughly 80 people that had signed up around 50 people participated in the end at the unconference day. However, very few took part in the hackathon. Only two participants worked on a tool, but not on the GLAMtoolset (which was what we planned for and had promoted), but a few others talked to the developers and suggested improvements. Despite Europeana, WMSE, WMUK and THATcamp promoting it widely. This is not considered a successful event.
    • External communication: -
  • Digikult conference + hackathon
    • Great and dedicated partners that was instrumental in the success. Lennart was the one doing the majority of the work from WMSE in preparations for the conference. It was harder than expected to reach developers that wanted to participate in the hackathon. However, in the end it was budget constrains that limited the participation at the hackathon. We should work on creating a list of possible people and initiate cooperations with other orgs./companies/universities that might help us broadcast these type of events. It was really easy to convince the participants from Umeå University to take part. They all enjoyed the event a lot.
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference
    • There were a few phone conferences as part of the preparation which took time, but they were rather productive (even though it was hard to hear what was said sometimes because of the large group participating).
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013 hackathon
    • See the Digikult hackathon.
  • Budget 421 200 kronor, of which circa 6,800 euros is for the events and 3,100 euros for trips.
  • Aktuell
  • Prognos 421 200 kronor, of which circa 6,800 euros is for the events and 3,100 euros for trips.

We might underspend on the events as we have managed to keep the cost down a lot on the planned events through close cooperations with other organizations.

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